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    Default Which armors do you use when?

    I understand that armors aren't all about the DFP. For instance, you might want to equip a Sheild Of Delsaber if you want to avoid Megid attacks. Also sometimes DFP is useless against attacks that have set damage. So, what armors do you use when?

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    To be honest all my characters are fashion victims, i used to do the EDK bonus with shields and armors, but when you know the spawns it's pretty useless. The only thing i use are the merge shields on FOs when i farm solo for the tech bonuses.
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    The Brightness Circle and Shield of Delsaber Combo with some Resist Devil is a great combo... but it's only useful for Megid spitting enemies (especially those gibbon's in ult Ep2).

    Pretty much at any time you would just wanna run with your favorite/best armor. IMO, what's more important is what you have in your slots and adjusting for the situation. Like more HP units to survive fixed damage attacks, or the various resist/whatever and cure/something units to survive Techs. Ultimate mode Dark Falz in Multiplayer is a big offender with that Rabarta spam he does.

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    My characters are kinda fashion victims as well. XD

    Aura Field is pretty consistent. All around decent resistance/DFP/EVA boost. I'll wear it most of the time. Light Relief for areas with heavy megid.

    It's my shields I actually switch out more often. I like to have Regen Gear Adv. for most situations in VH mode on down since I have a high EVA with my FOmar and block a lot. This shield recovers both my TP and HP per block and saves me TP instead of healing or using an item to recover TP/HP. I'll use Tripolic shield most of the time in ULT as it keeps me on the ground longer when getting hit, and most of the time prevents me from getting nocked down. Brightness circle when pared with light relief when confronting megid heavy areas in ULT (ruins, Caves, CCA-Mountain)

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