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    Default If your memory card was deleted and you had to start over...

    ...what would be your plan to get back to where you were the most efficiently?

    Many of you have your own strategies and preferences, but as for myself, I like to play and gather items for all classes and characters. Also, I must state that I currently play only offline and only on Gamecube, so understand that my advice is slanted towards that. Here are the classes, characters, items and weapons that I find to be the most essential and at the same time not difficult to acquire. We're not talking about Psycho Wands and Sealed J-Swords here, but this is the plan I would have to get the ball rolling.

    So, before I begin, this guide assumes you:

    - Play Offline
    - Play Gamecube
    - Don't mind using the pipe trick
    - Enjoy using all three classes

    For offline play, it's my belief that the best character is a RaMarl and the best Section ID is Redria. Why?

    RaMarl - Her LVL 20 Techs, especially Shifta/Deband and Jellen/Zalure. If you use these at all times, a RaMarl will be frequently (key word: frequently) stronger than all other classes if you're playing solo. Once a RaMarl has a Spread Needle and a Frozen Shooter, it becomes a lot easier to advance into more difficult territory.

    Redia - First off, the God/Battle. It might take a number of runs through The Forest Of Sorrow quest in Ultimate, but with time you'll get it eventually. Once you have this, you will be able to use shots much easier, and also for anything a Hunter uses. Once you have this, you can never play without it (though rifles don't seem to need it as much). Secondly, PIPEABLE ADD SLOTS, because an armor is only worth it if it has four slots. Other perks of Redria include the easiest way to get Cure/Shock and the easily pipeable Demolition Comet. Redia also is able to get arguably the best armor in the game (especially for forces) as well as the most easily, including the Brightness Circle, DF Field, Luminous Field, and the Smoking Plate for Fonewms. Once you get the God/Battle, it's time to make another class.

    The other best classes to me are Skyly and Purplenum, with a couple good grabs from Greenill (Guard Wave), Whitill (Cure/Freeze), and Viridia (God Power, Standstill Sheild). Skyly is the best for Hunters as they get the best sword drops, and Purplenum has the best Ranger weaopons. So it's my estimation that the weakest classes to begin with are Oran, Yellowboze, and Bluefull. These classes have some unique drops down the line, but you can wait.

    Most important easily obtainable items (IMO):

    Tier 1

    God/Battle - Redria
    Spread Needle – Purplenum or Greenill (possible Redria)
    Frozen Shooter – Purplenum or Greenill
    Demolition Comet - Redria
    Red Sword / Chainsawd - Skyly
    Guard Wave - Greenill
    Aura Field - Oran
    Kasami Bracer - Purplenum
    Cure/Freeze - Whitill
    Cure/Shock – Redria
    God HP - Skyly
    Add Slots - Redria

    Tier 2

    God/Mind - Purplenum
    God Arm / Skyly and Purplenum
    God Power / Viridia

    When making characters, they aren't worth a piss until they hit level 70 or so. So why not make it easy? Give them a 200 lvl mag and God HP's, and you can get them to Ultimate Mode in less than 10 hours. If it's your main goal to max out a Bluefull Fomar, then good for you, but I suggest doing some other classes and Section ID's first.
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    First off I'd be really upset as I've invested about 500 hours into my RAcaseal but I wouldn't let that stop me from playing.

    If I had to start over I'd begin by remaking my RAcaseal (my personal favourite class), maybe with a different name, as a Purplenum as that's her current ID and the one I find to be the most useful for the drops I want (Spread Needle, Frozen Shooter, God/Ability, Yasminkov9000M, Psycho Wand etc.) and keep levelling her solely until I reached Ultimate. I'd then switch to my Redria on another Memory Card (make a new one if all my cards got wiped) and hunt for a God/Battle before continuing. After that it'd just be a case of levelling up until I reached the level my RAcaseal was at before (Lv160 IIRC) and farming for the rest of my old gear.

    I probably wouldn't make any other characters for awhile unless I desperately needed a specific drop (e.g. God/Battle from Redria, Electro Frame from Whitill, God/Power, to evolve my Mag into a Sato, etc.) as I like to focus on one character at a time until I reach a decent level. My RAcaseal was the only character on that particular memory card until she was around Lv155 so I wouldn't really be doing anything much differently from before this way.

    Posting this has made me want to start playing again. I miss PSOGC a lot. Time to fire up the Wii and resume my endless hunt for a God/Ability I think (you can't hide it forever Gibbles).
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    Assuming that I would feel up to starting from scratch again if all my characters and stuff were deleted after putting 1000+ hours into the game, I'd probably go and make a HUnewearl, a FOnewm, and a RAmarl, and go for Purplenum, Redria, and Skyly IDs or something. Might make a RAcaseal too since they're my favorite character class, but when you have to start from nothing after putting in so much time I'd kinda wanna go the more practical route. Maybe the RAcaseal would come along later. Then I'd plan out material diets and Mags for the 3 of them. Then try to get to Ultimate, or at least VHard, as fast as I can cuz that's where most of the good stuff is and a lot of the stuff you can get on Normal/Hard doesn't require an assload of farming. Not sure if I'd do them one at a time or bounce between them. Wouldn't do much on Episode 2 though since it doesn't really give better exp than Episode 1 and doesn't have a lot of interesting drops iirc.

    Would probably wanna get PSO Plus too if this happened.

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    Question for you both : For what reasons is the Racaseal your favorite?

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    For obvious reasons...( ̄ω ̄ )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Von Jugel View Post
    Question for you both : For what reasons is the Racaseal your favorite?
    I'm not actually sure. I just made one on a whim and found myself playing her more than any of my other characters. I also just like the look of them more than the other classes. HP regeneration is always nice to have, and immunity to poison and paralysis is a massive bonus for me too.

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    Making those lvl 200 mags would be the biggest time consumer. And finding the God/HP would require you to be able to breeze through ultimate mines with the Redria Ramarl. But Redria Ramarl is what ive just recently done to create a new character. Already have on god/battle too

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    RAmarl and RAcaseal are my favorites, that I have to work on that is. Otherwise, I prefer my HUcaseal. That ATA on a HU is amazing.
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    I suppose if I had to start all over on GC offline...
    I don't particularly care to play Ranger, but I find it exceptionally easy to play and level, therefore it makes for a great hunting class.

    I'll go

    -= RAmarl Purplenum. Decent guns, as well as that maybe chance of a Psycho Wand on Red Slime for my FOnewm :>
    (though I prefer RAcaseal, RAmarl simply for the sake of fast/easy grinding)

    -= FOnewm Yellowboze. Get me all the enemy parts as well as best chance for higher level tech disks.
    I like FOnewm for his boom boom (that Gi & Ra +30% bonus damage is nasty)

    -= HUcast Redria. Like you said, God/Battle. Also chance at Lavis Cannon. Demolition Comets are always fun too.
    I have a 192 HUcaseal on PSOBB, I like her a LOT, but HUcast hits ridiculously harder. Yes, her Accuracy is great... but once you're an exceptionally high level with a lot of Hit % gear... You go for as much ATP as possible, which she lacks comparatively to HUcast. Lets not forget that HUcast HP is also ridiculously higher than HUcaseal.

    -= FOmarl Viridia. Inferno Bazooka, just to pew pew for the lulz.
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