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    Unhappy english patch issues

    Hello everyone

    I've got a problem with pso2 since the last server maintenance (it was wednesday if I'm not wrong). Before I could play the game, patches were working etc, but since the main english patch can't install itself :/ It downloads, and says :
    "Waiting for patch to finish extracting...
    Extracting to C:\pso2\pso2_bin\data\win32 [OK!]
    Patch failed to extract correctly! Installation failed!"

    Hope someone could help me, I tried some "troubleshooting" task several times like checking the files, or analyzing the installation or fixing PSO2, but nothing makes it work !

    Here what the twinker told me to paste : (can't post urls because I haven't posted 10 posts already )

    I believe in you !

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    It looks like your tweaker keeps downloading an empty version of the English Patch RAR; try downloading the RAR manually from the English patch team's forum (you're going to have to Google for the site, so remember that they originally started by doing "psu mods"). Once you have it, select "Yes" when the tweaker prompts you as to whether or not you want to use the pre-downloaded RAR.

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    Thanks, I found the site and downloaded the patch.
    I put the RAR in the tweaker file and tried "install english patch", and tweaker keeps downloading it by himself. Maybe I missed something, or what should I do for tweaker to ask me whether or not I want to use the predownloaded RAR ?

    (by the way... should I install the large files that way too ? Or wil it still work with the tweaker's one ?)

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    From your log file, it looks like the Large Files patch was fine. As for making the Tweaker prompt you for the RAR, go to options and change "Predownloaded RAR Preference" to "Ask every/each time."
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