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    Default Question about Brightness Circle

    So...I have a Star Amplifier and I'd like to make a Brightness Circle.

    Just wanna get a couple things straight:

    1. If I add slots to a Spirit Garment, will they carry over when I make the Brightness Circle?

    2. The created Brightness Circle will have the lowest stats possible, right? (190 DFP) (116 EVP)

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    Correct on both accounts
    Rob Lv 200/FIRE REAVER Lv 200/Midget Man Lv 163/Dark Avenger Lv 200/RAD Lv 153/Neal Lv 200/Kala Lv 146/ Peter Lv 167/Skyy Lv 150/Mae Lv 151/Bedazzle Lv 150/Kelly Lv 148

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Avenger View Post
    Correct on both accounts

    I was a bit confused at first, I thought that the Brightness Circle would have the same stats as the Spirit Garment except that it would look like a BC and have the same ability.

    I'm going to hunt Gibbles with my Redria in VH Mountain. I've already done it a bunch of times, but it has to be the easiest way.

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