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Thread: HU/BR or Br/HU

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    Default HU/BR or Br/HU

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    Stickies, bruh. Br/Hu build in there. If you're going Katana, just focus Average Stance and KC. Go Fury Stance tree for HU. Don't get Guard Stance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumpen Thingy View Post
    Go br/hu and use katanas only like this

    I changed the skill tree a little bit so it would suit me a little better (Can't post it because I haven't posted more than 10 times) Thanks for the help

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    Choose Br/Hu, HuBr has been dead for awhile now.

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    Use this.

    Swing this.

    Shigure ship 2. Credit to agarwood for the picture!

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    Katana builds are so standard nowadays... and i doubt it will ever change, everyone uses the same thing:

    use br/hu, max out average stance katana combat, and the rest of the SP is up to you, just dont go putting in points for Weak stance, taht shit is useless if you dont have a second spare skill tree that you can buy $$$$$.

    Hunter skill tree:
    1) max out fury stance, fury stance is basically PSO2 the game. If you're a melee/ranged, and you don't have fury stance (except for a few exceptions) you're not playing the game right.
    Fury stance is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of being a melee class.

    2) i highly suggest you to max out automate halfline, that thing is basically iframes for you 24/7, after getting that, i've only had to dodge boss attacks that i know will 1 hit KO (which is extremely rare).
    With auto halfline, you never half to worry about dodging, literally allows you to tank everything. It will make the game faceroll easy.

    and that's about it. You can choose to allot the remaining sp however you want, it doesn't really matter after maxing out fury stance and Automate Halfline. You could choose to go even tankier if you want by putting SP into iron will, or you can put the rest of the SP into static s-atk increases.

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    I would say Iron Will+Never Give Up>Automate Halfine for Braver. Quick Mate is only one SP on the braver tree, and you should have enough for Just Reversal Recover.
    So basically, for the similar skills, 1sp and choosing when to heal>10sp.

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    ^It's a matter of preference tho. With Automate, you basically can throw yourself into an attack knowing you can survive it (with full HP), especially if you also have Massive Hunter enabled. Or when bullshiet attack combo happens =w=;;

    And Iron Will proc rate isn't reliable at all, you could be using 15 points (10/10 for Iron Will and 5/5 for NGU) for nothing if it doesn't activate. Not 100% means you can always get dudu'ed xD

    OP can also opt to take all the mentioned survival tool skills, with 1/5 for Massive Hunter, 10/10 on Automate, and 3 points investment on Iron Will+Never Give Up (2/10 and 1/5)

    My suggested tree:

    But if it's me, I would remove 2 points from Fury Combo, 1 from NGU and 1 from Iron Will, to max Massive Hunter instead. It's like Katana Combat version 0.5, without invulnerability, tracking enemies and finisher. But, you'll be a walking tank xD
    If it's bossing situation, I would alternate between Katana Combat and Massive Hunter, to maximise DPS dealt.

    Goodluck for OP /o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maninbluejumpsuit View Post
    Use this

    Swing this.

    Where do I get the weapon?

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