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    Default New to PSO2 ! Looking for friends !

    Hi everyone ! Title of the thread basically spells it out. I'm brand new to the game and I am still learning how everything works but I just figured I'd pop in and introduce myself. I'm on Ship 2. My characters name is Raven. If any of you would like to team up and quest some time I would love to ! Look forward to seeing you all on the campship and happy hunting !!

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    Use the player match up section of this forum

    Or the player list on PSO2 reddit
    Sizustar Fo/Te 75/75 - Ship-2

    Screenshot dump
    Drawing and junk Twitter - please don't send blank request-

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    thanks !! much appreciated ! didn't know PSOWORLD had a player match up section.

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    Hey there, I'm SuperCentipede in game and my Braver's name is OB1. Don't hesitate to hit me up.

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