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    Default Do You Prefer Gamepad or Keyboard/Mouse For Z-Aim/TPS Perspective?

    So I've always wondered what the community generally thinks of regarding ease of access to buttons as well as best use of controls when it comes to using TPS (Z-Aim) Perspective in this game. As the perspective switch is only necessary for Rangers, Gunners, Forces, and Techers, I'm curious as to how people have adapted over the years and which style you personally adopted in-game: gamepad or keyboard/mouse input?

    Do note, I'm not asking which is the better input over the others for everything: only for TPS perspective where that extra bit of accuracy and player skill comes more in handy as it's all manual aim.

    Personally, I started this game using a keyboard/mouse. To me, that view still feels natural in that range of mode as using a gamepad in TPS feels like it forces my fingers into awkward positions (I have really long fingers, so it's not particularly the best feeling in the world, and it does hurt after a long time of playing CQs, for instance ).

    For that reason, I've been leaning more towards using keyboard/mouse for those moments I do use those other weapons, and gamepad for the rest of the time that TPS isn't stressed as much. For instance, if I made a FO/TE, I'd probably use keyboard/mouse while playing that character, but I'd likely play with gamepad for the duration of my time on my current FI/BO.

    What do you guys prefer?

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    both. i use the mouse in my right hand for aiming and a pad im my left for movement when using tps mode.

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    Been KB/Mouse for too long now. Don't like not having buttons available and such, plus I rather have WADS over a stick, more precise for me.

    The only weapon that doesn't have a use for TPS is poor little old sword, xD Unless you're casting techs with that new XH Loser one.

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    Keyboard + Mouse (TPS mode), even for melee (lost some PA's usability because of it though, like Symphonic Drive or other chasing PA) My scumbag brain won't respond much in auto-aim .....

    Well, for hitting Bibras horn's core and Hunar's sword, I need to switch to auto-aim since it moves too much (sometimes managed to apply WB with TPS mode) ..... though it did make me killed (while in auto-aim mode) .... twice last time, before I can apply 1 single WB The reason I level my WB to Lv1
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    Keyboard + Mouse, i am using TPS Mode when lock-on don't want to lock what I want. I am also using TPS for more precision as Ranger, sometimes Gunner, Force's Foie.

    Keyboard is cool because you just have to press a button and POP, you activate a stance/skill/monomate.
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    99% KB+M since i don't find using gamepad comfortable.

    TPS only when equipping rifle, launcher or bullet bow, but not all the time -- i switch on TPS and regular camera depending on situation or the attack i want to pull off.

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    1. K+M, since I find having gamepads too restrictive when I first played PSO2 as a Fo back then what with having too little subpalette space for items, techs and stuff.

    2. I use both TPS and regular camera mode depending on the situation, even as a ranger. Also this camera mode when AQ grinding as katana braver
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguine2009 View Post
    both. i use the mouse in my right hand for aiming and a pad im my left for movement when using tps mode.
    Either this or full gamepad, too used to phantasy star games since ps2 and psp to change now e.e
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguine2009 View Post
    both. i use the mouse in my right hand for aiming and a pad im my left for movement when using tps mode.
    Oh my~ I should try this out sometime. Sounds really nice!

    I think I'm used to gamepad more because of how much I used to play Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II on the GC, so it stull feels like the natural way for me to play. Going into it at first, I used to have an issue with palette swapping, but I don't have that issue any longer, really, as I found ways to place the most important items, class skills, and techs close together on each subpalette. The only thing I hate about this is that I have the old Xbox 360 controller that has a pretty annoying Dpad, but I'm used to it now.

    I'll most likely go back into trying keyboard and mouse controls when I go back to either of those four classes (Ranger, Gunner, Force, or Techer). Heck, I should also add Braver to that list! lol

    But I do agree that using the TPS perspective as a melee class also makes taking down some enemy weak spots a lot easier as you have more control with a wider range of movement via keyboard and mouse. When I try using TPS perspective next time, I'm going to alter horizontal and vertical sensitivity to see if I can find a sweet spot for myself.

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    Gamepad for standard combat as any class, but if I need to play sniper, say, for specific aimed techs or for applying WB I'll use TPS and use the mouse for that, but I don't use it at anywhere close to a dangerous range for me, because I very strongly dislike having so much of my view of whats around my character cut off, and unable to see impending attacks from the sides or behind.

    My area memory tends to be bad as well and as a side effect I tend to bump into things a lot of get generally snagged on terrain, miss otherwise easy jumps, and navigate all around very poorly in TPS mode, its why I strongly try to avoid FPS as well, so little idea of what my surroundings are, I get disoriented far too easily.

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