For everyone getting the following error in PSO2 Tweaker when installing Large Files or Story Patch: ERROR - The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform.

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Hey everyone - It looks like Avast and Symantec have flagged transam as a virus recently (spoilers: it's not). Try adding the Tweaker directory to your whitelist so it can run (and if possible, mark it as a false positive).

Sorry for the inconvience!
For Avast Users:
Because Avast is giving problems with creating an exclusion for Tweaker, I've made the following step-by-step guide as to how you can correct the issue with Avast. Symantec users, please let us know if you guys also have trouble getting the Tweaker directory whitelisted.

I'll specify the issue with Avast:
  • Upon registering the PSO2 Tweaker directory as part of the file exclusions, PSO2 Tweaker will still continue to give you the same error more likely than not. To fix the issue, go through the following steps:
    1. Right-click the icon for Avast.
    2. Move your cursor to the "Avast shields control" drop-down menu and set your shields to "Disable until computer is restarted." You will re-enable your shields after the patches are installed, so it doesn't matter anyways.
    3. Install the patches in PSO2 Tweaker as needed.
    4. After everything out of those two patches are installed, repeat Step 1 and move your cursor to "Avast shields control" again.
    5. Select "Enable all shields."
    6. Repeat Steps 1-5 each time there is a new Large Files/Story Patch update until the issue is fixed.

This is a temporary work-around solution until the issues with Avast and Symantec are worked out. You can use this for Symantec as well, but know that the steps may be just a tad bit different. I'm unable to test this for Symantec as I use Avast as my anti-virus software.


Please Report PSO2 Tweaker as a False Positive:
To report PSO2 Tweaker as a False Positive for Avast, click here. Scroll down and click the button "Contact Virus Lab" to report the False Positive alert.
For Symnatec users, click here.


Sorry about the inconvenience everyone; it would be a major help if you guys could submit a quick report to the two companies for PSO2 Tweaker!

Thanks in advance,
~ Korazenn