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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostbob117 View Post
    I think Slave weapons are better to use than most 11*s. I don't see a point in using it over Ares, but if you don't have Ares I would use it.
    This. Even without the latent, they're still better than most 11* and 12* and at the end of the day, that's what most people only really care about.
    Quote Originally Posted by CelestialBlade View Post
    Bit off-topic, but I'm just sick and tired of "difficulty" meaning "stat boosts". It's lazy and boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostbob117 View Post
    I think Slave weapons are better to use than most 11*s. I don't see a point in using it over Ares, but if you don't have Ares I would use it.
    13* stats + 60 ele beats more conventional 11s, and 12s for the most part without even having their potentials active at all, yes.

    Main problem is that slave weapons are not the optimal 13*-type of choice for any category besides maybe wands over the other two + much worse to farm.

    Quote Originally Posted by Searaphim View Post
    I dont really understand the logic behind it though since anga spawns way more frequently on lilipa and not to mention the chance to drop a slave weapon without the stones.
    About anga rates in lilipa ult, here's the problem; in addition to anga you have the following boss e-codes:

    -leone is a boss e-code
    -leopard is a boss e-code
    -guranz is a boss-ecode
    -last I checked, e-code disaster with the anga bits is considered a boss e-code, preventing any other boss e-code until it's over, and only grants a chance at infected anga

    In ult nab, other than anga we had


    Everything else was a subboss, and will not prevent a boss e-code from spawning, and vice-versa (which is why ult nab can easily become hectic with double bayaris/volcano malmoths + anga/diabo). I'd argue you will get far more anga kill opportunities doing the anga farm strats of eld in ult nab than running ult lilipa normally.

    Combine that with the fact I got 3 ares weapons to one slave weapon running ult lilipa, most other people find more ares than slave in ult lilipa as well, and the stone grind as BS as it is, I may as well just anga farm in nab.

    edit: didn't even mention the fact main class bonus doesn't apply to an area drop like slave weapons too.
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    Shigure ship 2. Credit to agarwood for the picture!

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    Deicer keeps on crashing and idk what file is doing it.

    EDIT: skipped over the file after the last one I extracted and seems to be smooth
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superia View Post
    Even if you are using a high performance PC, you are not necessarily safe from all the client-related bugs, lag
    What you are talking about is something that can never be fixed for any online game. There will 'always' be people who experience bugs and lag with any game like PSO2. It is a given. Developers cannot test out every single type of possible connection from any part of the world and replicate every potential type of problem that could cause PSO2 to either stop working or have connection issues. It's like this with any game of the sort, nowadays.

    But that's besides the point as I wasn't even talking about that in my post.

    and generally poor graphical quality of the game.
    This is just nitpicking. These are max settings for the game on my PC in a variety of different settings and levels of exposure. No edits were done to these; these are all directly taken from the game:

    So it's not the graphics that are poor; it's a lack of effort in certain areas of the game. Take for instance, the Desert fight with Gwanahda:

    Compared to the fight with Dragon Ex at the Dragon Altar:

    I agree that the Vita cannot be the (sole) reason for this, but you are not going to convince anyone that this game looks or runs anywhere near as well as it should reasonably be able to.
    And, you're entitled to that opinion.

    As I said before, no one experiences a game the same way. There are people that loved the art style of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and then there were those that absolutely detested it. Then, there were people that didn't care one way or another. They just wanted to play the game. It is much in the same way as one person can say a cloudy day looks "great" while the next says it looks "bleak". There won't ever be a right answer in any stance you make because the world sees things differently to you.

    With PSO2 needing to always support such limited hardware, no amount of "downscaling" will allow the game to significantly advance outside of minor graphical updates that can simply be turned off for the vita (i.e. unimportant things). While I doubt that adding new equipment, quests, and cosmetic features is the actual limit, it sort of feels like that.
    Cosmetic. Doesn't matter to me, personally.

    I'm neutral on the graphics for this game. There are certain areas, characters, equipment, costumes, bosses, etc., that look amazing to me. Then there are those that do the exact opposite. As long as the graphics are good enough to get by (and they are, in my opinion, considering the audience is Japanese players who aren't focused on PC gaming to begin with), then I don't personally see the problem in it. PSO never received anything but minor updates to its graphics over the ten years of being active. I can still return back to it today, just as I can with almost any Phantasy Star game (barring Universe and the Portable series which both didn't age well to me, imho). Can I say the same for PSO2? Time will only tell.

    Until they revamp the character creator and add the ability to recolor all sections of all costumes and separate the pieces to allow for outfit creation, it will accomplish neither.
    I said LESS like a Fashion Sim, MORE like the original Phantasy Star Online in terms of game mechanics that made PSO a memorable experience. lol
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    Fun Fact: Pioneer 2 is going to be a team room

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHNeko View Post

    I wonder how big this game will be in like 2 more years.
    Since 10TB drives wil be common in 2 years, giving up one for PSO2 should be fine...

    Quote Originally Posted by MechaTurtle View Post
    Wow for this size i expect a new class, weapons, camos, hell even a new game.
    Yeah, you really wonder why it needs this much spaze. Cause back in the day a full game was smaller. What requires the most size are graphics and videos and it's not like pso2 has up to date graphics, rather they look like it would have come form the 5-6gb game days.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguine2009 View Post
    12 players on the field is already too many balance wise. the limit really should be closer to 4 and even that is pushing it with how overpowered players can get.
    It's sad how 12 people mpas ruin it on both sides of the spectrum. In some quests it means no challenge left (mob killing) while in others like Luther or TD it means the pugs are just gonna drag you down.
    I also don't like like how seemingly all new quests we get are for 12 people.
    Tacos are 4 people.
    AQs are 4 people.
    XQs are 4 people.
    But then we get ultimate. For 12 people.
    And then we get cmode. For 12 people.
    Sega trying to force communication and player interaction because people don't do it on their own, but for a very good reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by wahahaha View Post
    Remove multipliers
    Remove WB
    Give more base stats
    Make subclass give 100% stats
    Make enemy pattern better
    Give weapon special potentials (Dark flow special attack, for example, T-J sword)

    Quote Originally Posted by Squal_FFVIII View Post
    ...and yet the game runs pretty bad on a lot of pc's. During magatsu's there's always lag, then there's the "good vs bad client" thing, weapon switching lag shall I keep going?

    I don't mind the poor graphics for this game that much, but with it's ps2 graphics the game should be running perfectly.
    This lag has nothing to do with graphics.
    It's because of the tiny trickle of bandwidth we get, Sega really has to upgrade their bandwidth.
    The game runs smoothly with 10kb/s bandwidth (happens when I use almost all my bandwidth for downloading stuff) so I can only imagine Magatsu style lag means 5Kb/s or less.

    Quote Originally Posted by Korazenn View Post
    I mentioned it, so I might as well also detail what I'd like to see for the game to prevent confusion:
    I wear 5 inch thick nostlagia glasses when it comes to PSOBB and was playing until 2014 but even for me this is pretty ridiculous.
    You are honestly saying PSOBB with its 4-5 different map layouts for some areas was preferable?
    PSOBB had a ton of copypasta map design in every area on top of very little variation overall because often very large parts of the map were just reused all the time. I'm pretty sure it wasn't generated room by room but rather quarter by quarter considering how samey EVERYTHING looked.

    Also, in PSOBB enemies had different stats depending on playing multi or solo mode (which doesn't exist anymore), if you played multi mode alone the still had the same stats as when you played with 3 others.

    Finally, in PSOBB we had units to boost attack speed, which we don't have anymore and faster enemies just mean they are far more annoying for slow weapon types like swords or launchers. And attack speed upgrades don't work in PSO2 cause the timing for battles is FAR more precise then in PSOBB and all change to is a problem.

    The real problem with 13* is the we have to really HUNT them. In an morpg where sega managed to remove the incredibly dull part of endlessly hunting gear by givign us the player shop we are now back to hunting for god knows how long in order to get a strong weapon.
    That alone saps ALL of my motivation to get a 13*.
    Because in the end being forced to hunt gear is nothing but a pointless and boring time sink made to make you play and pay more.
    And it's not a way to determine player skill either because it just means that player either got super lucky or spend a lot of time doing a really boring chore.

    For now enemy stats haven't caught up with gear yet and a decent 11* is more than enough but eventually enemies will have hp so high that you will need a good 13* to kill them in a reasonable time. I just hope that won't happen before it's possible to get a good 13* without so much trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostbob117 View Post
    Fun Fact: Pioneer 2 is going to be a team room
    Uh, we knew this for a long time. Why do people keep getting surprised by this.
    Quote Originally Posted by GHNeko View Post
    this is an absolutely disgusting post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    Uh, we knew this for a long time. Why do people keep getting surprised by this.
    I don't keep up with all that stuff.

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    Here's some things I picked out. Couldn't find weapon icons. My deicer kept on crashing so idk if I got all the files or not. There are a lot of texture updates and a lot of newer ones, I think. random nyau icon

    Is this newman ears? Or what is it? I have no idea. It's something in the salon.

    There are also lots of texture updates in the Casino

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    Gal Griffon stuff:
    Quote Originally Posted by GHNeko View Post
    this is an absolutely disgusting post

    Maenara - Level 75 HU/FI/RA/GU/FO/TE/BR/BO

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