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    Default Looking for english speakers on ship8

    it's hard to find people speaking english on ship8 and mostly my friends only playing but no talking, so I want to know anybody still playing and love to talk once in a while.

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    Hey, I play on ship 8 and on 49/43 BrBo ign Luscha. I'm not the most active player but I'm available for socializing

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    OMG someone still be alive ! I will add you then(White blessing)

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    hi, i play on ship 8 too, and my ign is Yambalai. You can add me if you want to

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    Whitebless, why donīt you just join everyone else on ship:02?

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    Hey! If y'all are alive, add me on Ship 8. IGN: CommAndroid 45/44 Ranger/Braver. Also messing around with other classes.

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