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    Cool [PSO2 JP]-[Ship 06]-Newbie

    Hey guys and gals.

    I'm new to the PSO2 JP scene and would love to get in touch with other new players and experienced players who can help me out if I need advice or just to do quests/runs with.

    I'm friendly, scottish so being able to understand and speak english would be great I don't have a headset yet but I'm working on that problem XD so please message me or whatever and let me know whats up

    thank you all for reading this and take it easy y'all.

    C Bear <3

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    I'm on Ship 06 too, from Aomori's Circle.

    There are a few number of other english teams on Ship 06 too, such as Nightfall, MystiX, IkebkuroLovers and EXCEED.

    Just pop in a Team Application from the Visiphone through Team Looking For Members if you wish to join.

    If its for Aomori's, me or one of the other managers will add you if we see you, I'm usually on from around 5.30pm JST to 1.00am JST.
    Ship 06 : Ken
    Team : Aomori's Circle

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