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    Default Yusaku my lost friend

    well I have played pso with her since xbox then onto xbox 360 on psu and I was wondering where you are, if youre playing [email protected] I try to find you on live messenger but no luck.

    I cant find any trace of your email so I keep wondering.

    If any one on [email protected] knows this person character name Yusaku tell her Goku is looking for her. thank you
    IT Happens!

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    are you still on namek?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wefwq View Post
    are you still on namek?
    Everybody pack it up

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    hey Elkazuo it's me! i just got married and moved to Florida

    call me for dinner ok? (the same old number)
    and dont let my husband know about this ~

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    well i don't expect this kind of development in this thread...

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    olo .
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    NTR for the win!

    Let's go!

    check out my website below

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    Goku, it's me MiburoAku

    Let's find Yusaku and get the old RO crew back together!

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