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    Default PSPo2 via PPSSPP

    So I decided to start playing this game again via emulator. I'd play PSP2i, but I don't know japanese and the translation isn't done yet. Does anyone play this multiplayer somehow? like some kind of Adhoc connection?
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    The PPSSPP 1.0.1 have a build in Adhoc connection aloud you to play online with your friend. to make this work for you need Hamachi, Evolved and tunngle VPN free sofltware to get connected with your friends.

    Here a guide that will help u you
    How to NETPLAY PSP2I & PSP2 For PPSSPP 1.0.1 emulator
    Updated of 3/29/2015
    Here a New Video Guide about How to connect and add cheat and add DLC Mission

    how to add the DLC Mission and etc.
    this how you do the download mission and extras stuff. first you need create a new character account and save your character and in the game once your done go and close the emulator

    First you need to download content for the DLC mission

    now open and extract NPJH50332DL with 7z or WinRAR
    then grab the NPJH50332DL folder and place in the save date folder
    should found like this : memstick >> PSP >> SAVEDATA >>*place* NPJH50332DL folder

    In your Save data folder you should see both type of folder and that NPJH50332DL folder and NPJH50332 are located in your SAVE DATA.

    next your gonna add the extra stuff in the game this is very important

    remember this can cause a bit long lag delay when playing online with your friends

    now download this files here

    Now open the psp2psp21 with 7z or winrar

    Next you will see a two folder and that is NPJH50332 and NPJH50043 folder.
    Next go and Cut the both folders
    then go to memstick >> PSP >> and Create a New folder and name in CAPs: GAME
    NOW take the NPJH50332 and NPJH50043 folder.
    Go inside the GAME folder and paste the both NPJH50332 and NPJH50043 folder
    now its should be like this
    memstick >> PSP >> GAME >> NPJH50332 and NPJH50043

    first step : memstick >> PSP >> SAVEDATA >>NPJH50332 and NPJH50332DL folder
    second step : memstick >> PSP >> GAME >> NPJH50332 and NPJH50043

    Now that they are all into place your next step is hard one.

    1. go to your ppsspp emulator and run PSP2I
    2. as soon your in the game menu scroll down and find IMPORT
    3. YOU SHOULD SEE 6 OR 5 JP TEXT MENU. Click the first one
    4. wait few moment you will see 4 or 5 jp text menu
    5. click the first jp text and that will give you all Rare B rank and Rare C rank weapons
    high light them in blue and transfer them to your account to do that click the them then send them you know its the first Jp text in short words and hit Circle Button

    then the next thing is your outfits repeat that as well like you did with your weapons and next will be item and until do same thing again with the weapon and outfits

    now after your done transferring all your weapons and outfits and etc

    you can go back to story mode > go to your room and them go to your common box you will see over 100+ item and stuff in your common box and those are the weapons and outfit that you transfer over to your character account/ This also work online as well. the dlc mission can be found on clad 6 and other location. you can do all DLC mission online but only few on story mode
    How to Cheat on Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

    run your PPSSPP Emulator and run your Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. While PSP2I is running . Go to Game Settings and scroll down and put a check on Enable Cheats.

    Go to your PPSPP Emulator and navigate to Memstick Folder > PSP Folder> Cheats Folder > you will see this >>> NPJH50332
    now right click on NPJH50332.ini and open it with notepad and copy and paste this Cheat Codes

    _S NPJH-50332
    _G Phantasy Star Portable 2 infinity
    _C1 EXP x2048
    _L 0x2002F87C 0x00059B00
    _L 0x200303F8 0x00058C00
    _C1 Boss Box Rare
    _L 0x202BDD08 0x24020000
    _C1 Drop_Item_Attribute_60%
    _L 0x202BD0B8 0x10000009
    _L 0x202BD0D0 0x00000000
    _C1 Drop Item Select
    _L 0x202BDA78 0x3C03XXYY
    _L 0x202BDA7C 0x2463ZZ01
    _C1 One hit kill and death ON
    _L 0x200672D8 0x00000000
    _C0 One hit kill and death OFF
    _L 0x200672D8 0x10400003
    _L 0x2002F87C 0x00059840
    _C1 Super Armor ON
    _L 0x202407E8 0x24020000
    _C0 Super Armor OFF
    _L 0x202407E8 0x0E2888EB
    _C1 shop PA Lv30
    _L 0x202BA924 0x3403001D

    its should look like this here

    Once you copy and paste the cheats code. go to file and save it

    Once your done applying the Cheat code. Please go to your PPSSPP 1.0.1 Emulator and run the Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity .
    then hit the Esc Key button*that the pause menu for the ppsspp* on your Keyboard to get access to the Cheat Menu. on your right hand side you see and click Cheats

    And NOW you are be Able to have full access to the cheat list that is provided for you

    This cheat code work when you play online and offline and how its works is who ever the Host of the Party will have the effect with other group. Remember its only works if your the host online netplay. but also work offline story mode as well.

    Tools you need to add for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

    DLC Mission Content

    Extra DLC Weapons & Outfits & room Item

    PPSSPP+ PSP2I Cheat Code

    RomHuster and the game location

    PPSSPP Emulator

    Next how to stay connected with friends

    your choose if you want to connect with ColdBird but that mean your gonna have disable your DMS I best not recommend. you put your self in high risk so you been warned


    Here a full guide for Coldbird connect with ppsspp

    Here are other Free VPN software. you can choose from and what is really best for you to play with others




    only you need to do is when you are the Host of the Party for PSP2I. You give your Virtual IP Address to your friends to say connected. Be sure they join your Virtual Channel by going threw the Tunngle or Evolve or Hamashi VPN software

    To add the Virtual IP Address . Go to Networking Setting on your PPSSPP Emulator and find thr word Change PRO AD HOC server IP ADDRESS and there where you CAN paste your Virtual IP Address to your friends to say connected


    Now remember if your are planning on using WI FI connection. Please be sure to know your way around your Router and wireless devices. WI FI Connection on the Emulator can cause a lots of problem threw the WI FI. be sure to be ready for some Heavy Problem with your WI FI Connection and the PPSSPP Emulator. its not about how strong is your WI FI Connection with PPSSPP Emulator. Its about Blocking interferences with your router and the wireless devices by dealing with the Root of the WI FI Connection. And Knowing how to Port Forward your WI FI Connection with PPSSPP Emulator. Please don't ask me about your issue or trouble shooting with Port Forward and your WI FI Connection with PPSSPP Emulator. That something you have to ask your Ethernet Provider.

    this is a list of problem you may encounter. REMEMBER not all emulator going to work with other people. so don't complain

    1. you having shitty ass Net connection so get a better connection
    2. don't have the gaming PC power. stop using a laptop and go do some pc upgrades
    3. Why I cant get connected with my friend ?? Maybe because you forgot to port forwarded your stuff
    4. You forget to give him the right IP address to your friend and that why the game freeze up on him or you
    5. why my game is not working and why I am getting a graphic glitch. Maybe you forgot to put the check on the Boxes for Deph rom hach for PHANTASY STAR PORTABLE 2 on the Graphic setting

    well I hope this help everyone out and well. Enjoy play the game and making some fan made video of the game .
    Because I know ya gonna doing it anyways

    and here the old fashion way with ppsspp 9.9.0 guide

    if you don't have a strong Ethernet connection. Then you going to have same issue as before. always be sure to have strong net connection when playing with ANY emulators software in near future.

    if your are planing on using older version of ppsspp then its best to use the unofficial ad-hoc version with 9.9.1

    Keep in mind that this is an older version

    Im going to show you how to use it and how get connected with your friends.
    ALSO KEEP in Mind that you said your net is not strong well... you are going to end up dealing with connection issue

    HOWEVER you can find the time and find someone with Stronger connection so you are able to play with other. BUT you can only play with only one person and you can not play with a group of players its will cause a net conflict with your weak net connection if you know what I mean. Having weak signal and weak net not going to improve your connectivity with others. So keep that in mind

    ALSO Keep in mind that 9.9.1 only support OpenGL 2.0 and not D3D9X

    Okay now that out the freaking way let get you Hook up

    Here the version that you need

    1. Open and extract the PPSSPP 9.9.1 with unofficial adhoc

    2. Go to Setting >>>System setting>>> scroll all the way down and find >>Networking
    now look at the picture I posted for you do you see both box checked ? be sure that they are okay

    3. Now go to [color=#40BF80]Change proAdhoc IP Address [/color]

    Click on [color=#40BF80]Change proAdhoc IP Address [/color] and that were you can add your IP address AND give your IP to your friend. I best recommend using VPN Software like Tunngle or Evolved or Hamachi for this one . but its depend what free VPN software you use that is

    now how to host a Party for PSP1

    1. GO TO YOUR PPSSPP FOLDER >> FIND THE FOLDER CALLED [color=#4040FF]AdhocServerProOnline[/color]

    2. GO INSIDE AND CLICK THE [color=#00BF40]AdhocSever.EXE[/color]

    3. This only work when you are going to host the party. there for the joined party dont need to open the [color=#00BF40]AdhocSever.EXE[/color] JUST KEEP THAT IN MIND

    ONLY the HOST THAT MAKE THE PARTY CAN RUN THE [color=#00BF40]AdhocSever.EXE[/color]



    So dont close the AdhocSever.EXE if you are not going to host the party anymore


    If don't have have a strong net then don't bother . you going end up get a lot issue in the end

    always have strong net when playing these emulator software

    here a guide on how to run net play with the Tunngel and hamachi submitted by the ppsspp community
    How to use Hamachi

    How to use Tunngle[/spoiler]
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    Hey MegaMettaurX

    If you want to play multiplayer Portable 2 or Infinty over PPSSPP, you have a lot of options., VPNS (Evolve, Tunngle, hamachi, etc), or just connecting directly to your friend.

    Here's an evolve group that's dedicated to playing Portable 2 and Infinity. You can use it to find other players more easily. Evolve group (also linked in my signature).

    JC was very thorough with covering emulator/connection setup, but if you want another resource, there's a guide at that evolve group's page too!

    Happy huntin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic_Nessly View Post
    Hey MegaMettaurX

    If you want to play multiplayer Portable 2 or Infinty over PPSSPP, you have a lot of options., VPNS (Evolve, Tunngle, hamachi, etc), or just connecting directly to your friend.

    Here's an evolve group that's dedicated to playing Portable 2 and Infinity. You can use it to find other players more easily. Evolve group (also linked in my signature).

    JC was very thorough with covering emulator/connection setup, but if you want another resource, there's a guide at that evolve group's page too!

    Happy huntin
    Hey Ness I went did new update on forum about how to fix Network error connection with Evolved. the video guide will come in handy for the psp2i players that are still using window 10

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    hey guys if possible we need a reupload or new links for the download stuff and extras that are needed the mediafire links are dead thanks in advance

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