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    Default Arks Mod Tool v1.2 - Camera Controls

    A simple mod tool to support some basic, but useful client-side adjustments to the game.

    - The option to toggle off startup intro videos.
    - Graphical options to disable near/far culling and force maximum terrain LOD.
    - Options to toggle between walking and running for keyboard users.
    - Options to hide the UI and toggle the command palette.
    - Options for adjusting the camera settings in both regular and shooting modes.
    - An always-on adjustment that prevents the minimap from switching states when an ECode mission begins.
    - An always-on adjustment that prevents the log window from automatically reappearing when a boss battle starts.
    - An option to disable ECode UI visuals.

    Planned Features
    - Graphical controls for adjusting the amount of PA effects that get shown
    - Extended UI options for positioning certain HUD elements.
    - An option to disable character pushing (same as the Vita version)

    Download Links

    Current as of pso2.exe v4.0801.0
    - Arks Mod Tool v1.3l 64-bit
    - Arks Mod Tool v1.3l 32-bit

    Additional Dependencies
    - Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

    Source Code
    - Arks Mod Tool


    - If attempting to run the mod tool causes it to throw an error and close, it may be a compatibility issue with the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable or the Microsoft .NET Framework. Try redownloading those two and see if it helps.


    - This mod cannot be used with the PSO2 Virtual Connect virtual reality mod tool.

    - This mod cannot be used with the PSO2 Tweaker plugin system (Compatibility options are currently being investigated).

    - The option to disable far culling currently only disables first stage far culling. Game objects will still vanish after exceeding the second stage boundary approximately 2 map grid spaces away. Terrain will still show up properly beyond this boundary though.

    - Similarly, occlusion culling is still enabled meaning objects and terrain may still pop in if the occluding volume of an object is larger than its visible geometry.

    - "Update Culling" is a made up term that refers to the way objects that are far away from the player will have a reduced refresh rate in their animations and movements. It becomes more noticeable when you have far culling disabled.

    Known Bugs

    - Under certain conditions, viewing specific events with the "Hide Screen Nofications" option ticked may cause the game to soft lock.

    - PSO2 appears to have a hard asset limit built into the game. If too many assets appear onscreen at once, some parts of ingame models may appear absent. More investigation to follow.

    - Color adjustments will only be applied on graphics settings greater than 1.

    - AIS and Rideroid camera distances will be incorrect when custom camera positioning is enabled.

    - Gamepad camera rotation speed does not account for distance when using customized cameras. As a result, rotation speed will be slower when zoomed out and faster when zoomed in.

    Version History



    - Special thanks to Gama for the awesome app icon.


    This project is strictly the work of a fan and is not affiliated with Sega or any other game development organization. I respect the rights administered to Sega as both the developer and publisher of Phantasy Star Online 2 and will cease development on this project immediately if requested to do so by an appropriate authority.
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    Oooh cool I'll try this out, thanks

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    does it prevent culling enemies and item boxes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jooozek View Post
    does it prevent culling enemies and item boxes?
    To a certain extent it does. Definitely further than usual, but after about 2 map grid spaces away they still vanish. I plan on adding an option to disable this second stage culling as well, but right now, doing so causes a few unwanted side effects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardLight620 View Post
    - Extended UI options for positioning certain HUD elements.
    Please big area map, please big area map!

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    Wow, thanks for the good work!
    Quote Originally Posted by GHNeko View Post
    this is an absolutely disgusting post

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    I love you.

    But I have to ask: is it at all possible you could somehow get Reshade/SweetFX/[insert shader mod here] to hook to the game without Gameguard throwing a shitfit? Radeonpro works, but it's finicky and only works with older versions of SweetFX. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is so awesome... can't wait to spend my playing hours with this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardLight620 View Post
    - Graphical options to disable near/far culling and force maximum terrain LOD.
    I'm not sure what you mean by near/far culling. Should I tick those 2 as well as the Disable Update Culling tick Disable LOD Reduction?

    Many many thanks though for making this.

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