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    Exclamation Since trying to update after last patch...

    I have been using the tweaker since I started playing again several months ago and haven't really had any problems up until this last patch (aside from the patch a few weeks ago where SEGAC broke the English patch). I can install the English patch fine but when i try to update/install either the large files or story patch my antivirus kills the pso2-transam.exe so it just stops without updating/installing. Are the files fine and should I just set them as an exception for my antivirus or is there some kind of problem here that's setting off my antivirus program? I have Norton for my antivirus program and this is the very first time its ever done anything to interfere with PSO2. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

    The only real problem I've noticed because of this is it totally messes up any Nyau spawns and he just sits there as a still frame if I'm the first person to engage him. No one can interact with him, he doesn't move or throw his weapon and it pretty much screws up an MPA. If someone else spawns him he just kinda teleports around a little bit as a still frame and I can't even see him throw his weapon or attack it. Not really sure if there are any other problems being caused yet but if I notice anything else I'll add it to this post.
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    I'm not sure how Norton works but it sounds pretty strict. The PSO TransAM is used to I believe sort the files before installing them. You should whitelist it because it sort of needs it to properly download.

    As for the Nyau thing, I don't think I've had that issue. If it was something with the files, GameGuard would've crashed the game assuming there would be foul play before anything else happened. It was probably a server error or lag. Of course I could always be wrong...

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    I'm an IT professional and you have a virus, its called Norton. Get rid of all symantec products and a happier life you will have.

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    What do you use or suggest I should use instead?

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    These are my 1st steps I do when I either get a brand new computer or reformat my current one.

    (Skipping all the steps after getting the computer up to the desktop)
    - Open Internet Explorer/Edge (if you got Win10 I guess)
    - Head to Google
    - Type in "Norton Removal Tool"
    - Go to official Norton Webpage and download the tool
    - Remove all traces of Norton with tool
    - Tells Norton's "We see you uninstalled so you can install a newer one" message to piss off.
    - Live happy on computer forever.

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    I suggest you get Bitdefender.

    It's quite cheaper than Norton, plus it has a really good detection rates.

    Kaspersky is also good too.

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    Avast has always worked great for me, not only does it have a great silent gaming mode, but it's also free!

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    Or, just tell Norton to ignore transam. I too am an IT professional, Norton may be annoying, and a bit of a resource hog, but in my professional experience, it is the best at preventing and removing viruses. I have a cluster of 937 client desktops on my company's low security network that I am responsible for maintaining. From January 2014 through December 2014, I ran a test of all the major Antivirus and firewall services(and a few of the lesser known). Roughly evenly distributed between my cluster. From my server terminal, I logged every time an intrusion attempt was prevented, every time a virus was prevented, and every time a virus was found after a scanner update. At the end of the year, I scanned each system with Kaspersky, then McAfee, then Norton. On the systems that ran Norton all year, the other scanners found nothing. On all the other systems the Norton scan found at least 1 virus on all the systems, with the exception of one system from the group that was running Trend Micro.
    At the beginning of this test, I informed all the employees on my cluster that all internet and system use restrictions no longer applied to them, and that I wanted them to visit "shady websites" during any break time spent at their desk. Upon reviewing the logs of the employee from the Trend Micro group whose workstation was clean, I saw that he never used his workstation for anything that wasn't work related.
    Based on my test, I can rank the top 5 antivirus services from best to worst(based only on virus detection and prevention):
    Norton, bitdefender, AVG, eset, Vipre. Kaspersky actually tied Vipre, but I received many complaints from the Kaspersky group that the UI was buggy.
    I will however say that Norton did have the second largest impact on overall system performance. However, using the time it takes to launch AutoCAD as a benchmark: Launching AutoCAD on a workstation with no AV took 4:32.76 (4 minutes 32.76 seconds), With Norton running took 6:42.56, with Norton in silent mode 4:33.02, All times averaged by launching on 3 systems running identical hardware.
    The AV with the worst impact on system performance was McAfee. I used the personal/home version of each program for those that offered a professional/workstation version. My entire company now runs Norton on both its high and low security networks. The workstations in question were multi-purpose workstations running Windows 7 enterprise 64bit (identical to ultimate), AMD FX 3GHz Dual core CPU, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, nVidia Quadro worstation graphics.

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    I tried telling it to ignore pso2, and the pso2-transam.exe file it kept removing but that didn't work. I ended up having to turn off the Active Sonar to update and it went fine. Kind of a pain in the butt but at least there is a way around it lol. Is there a way to configure Norton to run on silent mode when I boot up pso2?

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