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    Default PSP2i servers shutting down on the 29th

    Was announced few months ago but seeing how there was no thread.

    Kinda sad really.
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    All things will have to end sometimes; it's just time for PSP2i. At least there are other games out there.
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep it 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    At least we can still play online through PPSSPP, not all is lost.

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    Really unfortunate. I just bought the game the other day but don't have my PSP with me, and won't until February. Looks like I'll be missing out on any online multiplayer with this one.

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    All good things must come to an end.

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    Compared to PSO or PSU, I wonder how hard it would be for someone to set up a private matchmaking server? Sure you can still use ad-hoc to connect over the internet, but it'd be nice to have the lobby system back where you could just bump into people and chat/join a game. Especially if the userbase picks up after the english patch releases.

    Though I guess the hardest part of the matter would be moderating it so that it doesn't turn into a cancerous mass of maxed out cheaters with rainbow names greifing and trying to cyber in the lobby. PPSSPP has it's own built-in cheat engine which would probably have to be used to connect to the new domain, and there'd be no real way to enforce a ban.

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