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    Default Would you run an EQ in b20...

    Basically, would you run an EQ in b20 if it was the only PC XH block available?
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    B20 has lowered drop rate, that's why most people don't run eq in there

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    I thought b20 was supposed to be dead.

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    Unless the regular space was near full, no, since that would mean I probably wouldn't end up getting into a full MPA for the EQ, same as with any other block that isn't near full.
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    kinda sad how it still has that stigma to it, even though it's basically been dead for quite a while

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    No,because Vita blocks exist lol
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    do not really see the big deal since its dead now and is just another block. only thing is people still skip over it like it is cancer

    (actual cancer these days is b1 and its been that way for a long time)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparab View Post
    B20 has lowered drop rate, that's why most people don't run eq in there
    Not really

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    one of the seven PSO2 mysteries - the b20 stigma!!11
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuromechan View Post
    Not really
    I'm pretty sure sparab wasn't a bit serious about that. LOL (But it's the internet, so I could be wrong.)
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