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    i want to level up fairly quickly. Wanna meet like minded folk and Fate GO fans Want to learn PSO2 as I play. Running on Vita so bear this in mind. I am GMT and go on from 9pm GMT and play until I go sleepy.

    Very chatty which I discovered can be very annoying lol... But seriously wanna share the exp building fun. Wanna do Emergency Quests and crazy stuff my level will not allow. Let me know your thoughts...

    If not then show me something new and cool at the very least.

    Appreciate your time.

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    Your game time coincides roughly with when I come home from work most days, give or take an hour, so I can help you out if you need. Assuming Ship 02, just send me a friend request and we'll see when we can meet up. ID: AndrlCh.

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    Just wanted to say: Huge thanks and I am not being ignorant. I will add you guys when I am back on for sure.
    I know Vita blocks are a bit of a mixed bag but honestly any help is all good for me.

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