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    Default [PSO2 JP] - [Ship 2] Valkyria Recruiting!

    Hello everyone, it is I, your Goddess Zessica.

    After joining and being a part of many guilds during my time here on PSO they have all faded away into memory. So I will now take it upon myself to build my ideal version of a guild from the ground up.

    What kind of guild are we?

    I wanted to be part of a guild where the team members actually play as a team, where we can communicate and have fun after each victory, where we can help each other out, not for mutual benefit, but because we look out for one another. We aim to be that guild.

    I wanted to be part of a guild that truly extended a hand to those who were new, not welcomed you aboard with kind words and left you to figure out things by yourself. I wanted to make friends and forge bonds that would span across multiple games, and form something truly wonderful.

    Valkyria is not a typical guild, I aim for it to be unique in its own way, quality, not quantity. We do not care about having the most members, we care about each other, to be the best that we can possibly be, and have fun while doing it.

    So what will we do?

    That's easy, play the game, have fun, kick evil butt and laugh at the end of the day.

    To add to this, I am an avid rare weapon hunter, I have led small rare weapon finding guilds before in previous Phantasy Star games. So, for those looking for certain rares, we may go on "Hunts" as I call them periodically, but this is not our focus.

    So why should I join?

    Why? Because why join the majority when you can be part of the minority that strives to look out for its members and be the best? If you're not looking to be a part of a team oriented, semi-hardcore, semi-roleplaying guild. Valkyria is not for you.

    You mentioned Roleplaying?

    That's right, I did, I'm a role player of over 8 years. And I just can't let some habits die. My main character is Zessica, daughter of the Legendary High Demonic Commander Zessica, yes, THE Demonic Commander. She is a Twin Tailed Loli Shrine Maiden currently under contract by the upper Goddesses, making her a Demi-God, she is cute but arrogant to boot, but she always looks out for her friends, having learned the art of the sword and gun from none other than her mother, she is surely well equipped for any task.

    So, elaborate, how does this "Role Playing" work?

    Easy, you get into your own characters shoes, you create your own backstory, and you play it out in game. There is a difference between in-character and out of character. Make sure you know which is which. I will always more or less be roleplaying in some form, so take note.

    Things I'd like to lay on the table.

    A fat sack of gold for one

    - Communication, mainly this, I would like to have us all communicate with each other, so I recommend you have a voice communication program, preferrably Skype.

    - PS Vita users, we accept them, but we are primaily a PC based guild, it will be more difficult to coordinate ourselves with Vita players.

    - Where we gonna chill dog? I would like to think of Block 009 to be our gathering place, but this will be subject to change.

    I intend to implent a commanding structure soon that will affect the guild in terms of roleplay and in general.

    I will state again, we are not a normal guild, we are a friendly, team oriented, semi-roleplaying guild. If you want to join, please, LEAVE A COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR IN GAME NAME or, send me a Private Message with that info.

    EDIT: You may also add me in game, my characters name is Zessica (I have two named Zessica, feel free to add both.)

    I eagerly await to hear from you all.

    See you Starside
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    High Demonic Commander Zessica! -Also a Hime.

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    I'm bumping this to continue shamelessly advertising my team!

    Due to circumstances concerning my....laifu, I haven't been around, but now I am back!
    High Demonic Commander Zessica! -Also a Hime.

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    Bump some more to place my approval stamp on this team!

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    Everyone do the bump!
    High Demonic Commander Zessica! -Also a Hime.

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    I joined recently and all the other members are great people.

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