It's as bad as it sounds, but as glorious as it will ever be. It's the one, and only (at least, from what we've seen!) Waifu Squad!

Who are we?

We're a team in PS02 that's been around for awhile. We're a clan of friends that stretch across multiple games, and honestly, have become some of the best of buds in the process. Who says ties have to be limited to just one game? This is the sort of philosophy the team was built upon.

We're a group of individuals who were tired of your typical "Greet and leave" type of clans. They seem mushy and pushy at first, but man right after your newbie coronation it's like you don't even exist! That's not even the way to be. That's not how any team should be, ever. We thrive out of getting a rise out of each other, and honestly just hanging out with everyone.

I mean, one of our fondest memories (In my opinion) are the ones that are shared together in our individual rooms. You ever have those "PS02 and chill" moments? (Sexy time notwithstanding) That's literally the spirit of this team encompassed in a good measure.

It's all about the friendship and camaraderie.

Our Current State

I wont lie. Waifu Squad's lost its former level of activity. A lot of our members, and some of my most awesome friends were unfortunately whisked away from me by the dredges of society and real life in general. Things got a bit quiet in PS02, but with college and school rolling around its to be expected.

Our hope is to grab more members and bring back that activity. We'd friggin' love to get our chatroom up and rolling again with conversational shenanigans, and just good-times in general.

Our Creation Story (It's a tearjerker! Not~)

I was but your typical internet anonymous person, aged 20 and desperate for friendship in probably some of the darker moments of my life. One of my few friends who was departing PS02 told me about this: "Amazing MMORPG that would be perfect for an Anime Fanatic like [insert OP's name here]" I was recently diagnosed with social depression issues, and had learned the hard way about what societal angst can do to you if you choose to be a loner for most of your life. So naturally, as a person who loved MMORPG's I was all but ready to throw myself into another MMO and have something to spend all this alone-time on. But honestly? Let me tell you something. No matter the MMORPG you play, playing it alone sucks. It really does. PS02 was fun, but man did it feel so... bland, like the community aspect of the game was just such a huge thing that I felt left out.

I joined a team or two, made a couple of friends... but nothing really stuck to me. It's like at the end of the day I was always back at square one: Alone and quite frankly bored with being, well, alone.

It's at that time I had the craziest idea ever. "Why not make an Anime-centric team that would be full of people with relevant interests?" It was a huge longshot for me, to be honest. I wasn't leader material, and I definitely wasn't a social enough person to just sheepishly ask people: "Hey, wanna join my team?" and all that bullocks. I gotta admit, it makes me cringe even now when I think about the first time I recruited someone to my team. A little itty-bitty girl named "Hotaru-Chan" who I literally couldn't help but be full of D'awww for. She graciously accepted, sort of becoming my de-facto "mascot" of the team. She helped with recruitment too, and things just started falling into place. I wont lie. It grew super-rapidly, faster than I anticipated. In a mere month of us starting, we went from 1 -> 35 Very active members, all of which who loved to play PS02 and honestly just hang out and play together. We reached team level 5, started growing our tree and was honestly beaming with pride as this thing grew. I see now why PS02 chose a tree. It's very symbolical, if you think about it.

I met some of my best online net friends there too.
Doomcakes (Our new Waifu Mascot, since Hotaru left us :[ )
Greenheal (Coolest wingman ever. Sub-Harem leader)
Hotaru (You will always have a special place, if you ever read this! I miss you terribly, and so does everyone else :'c )
Shiro (Love you, despite all your quirkiness you little ball of joy~)
Tehkana (Lord of the Brocean)
Izumi (Shy, fiery, and agressive? Admit it! You're totally a tsundere~ )
Waifu Crusader (I love your name! And the fact that you play up to it made us awesome friends. xD )
Grey Senpai (#Waifu 2015 award winner)
And so many other friends of mine who I would mention, but this list would go on forever if it did!

But you know? In the end I'm surprised. I literally changed, in both real life and net-wise because of these people. Like holy crap, the confidence gains and everything else in between made this one small idea ripple and become this huge-ass butterfly effect that there was no way I could have imagined possibly turning out this well. It's my hope that more people join us, and that you can honestly experience this sort of thing yourself.

Ending Conclusion

Wow, this turned into something totally different, to be honest. I was going to write up a generic team-invitation thing, but man. I just felt like expressing what this team has done for me.

Anyways. We're recruiting right now to try and fill the void in our hearts that some of our leaving members left us with. We'd love to make some new friends, and if you're looking for a new place to call home, then pop a squat by the fireplace and tell us all about yourself.

We'd love a chance to get to know your story. Cause trust me, it's only fair considering here soon you'll probably learn all about our own.

We're a pretty anime-centric clan, but it's not required in the least. There's no TP weekly requirements, and honestly as long as you're fun and jovial, and aren't being deliberately mean or hurtful (in a non-playful sense) towards your members, then I doubt you'll find much issues with us.

We got some amazing admins on board, and have room for more for people who show outstanding personality and charisma within the team, and contribute something meaningful.

Let the good times roll~