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    Default Is anyone on Ship 8?

    I started playing PSO2 again recently after being gone from it for about 3(?) years and got back into it HEAVY. Curious if there's anyone here that's on Ship 8 or if it's all Ship 2 party-time?

    Too far in to delete my characters as I've got lots of time built up and my friends play on Ship 8.

    I want to meet some new people to speak at about this game!

    Edit: Forgot to mention that this is the PC version I'm playing, if that matters. I dunno if this is crossplay or not. Look for CommAndroid or Lady Trousers if you're on the same ship.
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    Yer lucky if you find someone from here on that ship. Everyone is all at 2.

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    Yeah, I remember everyone going into Ship 2 at the beginning for English speakers. Tried getting in, at the time but boy that server was LOADED. Opted for Ship 8 since I heard some stragglers went for that one, but it's devoid of 'em as far as I know.

    Thought I'd give it a shot on here, ha ha. Ah well!

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