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    Wanda is also a solid Synchro back-up since Wanda has good rate of fire with Break for Ryucross DPS mashing if either you think Synchro is gonna die or is currently dead.

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    I don't have Synchro because I heard he is very situational even for bossing.

    I guess I have to use normals for the pets to first get close to the boss and then use pas. Any other tip, especially for slower pas where bosses can move out of range after the animation already started?

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    Synchro is THE bossing Pet. His single target DPS is unmatched with Ryucross (with good gear you can do around 14-15M on a 20 second Rockbear). Synchro's issue is that he's extremely squishy so you have to use good positioning, Kyaku (has a shitton of invul) and potentially a Steadfast Roll.

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    whats the secret to Vulcan? this thing just sucks in general and idk how people are utilizing this pet, it's just a way slower Synchro, basically have to do 2x PA rotation for the Geki to kick in. Sure it can tank but its just feels bad all around that I dropped this pet after a week of use. I still use Gras (I mean Sherby) after so long
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    Tell you what mate, I'll decide when my topic goes into the QQ post or when it needs to be it's own thing, and you can do the same for yours. Alright, cool. Cheers

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    Vulcan is pretty good? Yeah, he's slow but his Geki hits like a truck (provided your target doesn't move) and it's essentially impossible to kill him. He's useful in Divide and just as a general Pet.

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    Curious to see if level 200 tpd will hit like a train or not and the implications of it (thanks for never releasing 15* pets sega)
    So far in phase 1/2 i can keep synchro up during because alter ego+steadfast roll shenanigans but if its going to get 1 shotted by default thats gonna suck and have to marron spam exclusively instead

    Also which tact do you guys use (outside of alter ego and rykros shenanigans)?ayer/cras or fluxio?
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