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    Default Do any "Early Access" games actually get released?

    This is something I've wondered about for a while now. I've been using Steam the past few years, and I always see games that have very, very interesting concepts. I'd love to play them, but I have no interest in buying a half finished (if that) game, especially if there's no guarantee it'll be finished. And there are games released as early access in 2013 and 2014 that are still early access, leading me to wonder if they'll ever actually be finished. I've yet to find one that has.

    Does anybody know of any good "early access" games that were actually released?
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    PSO-World is a game?

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    Broken Age left Early Access at the same time the full game was released on console, previously it consisted of the first chapter of the game.

    Nuclear Throne is still in early access, but for the past year and half it has received tons of updates, and seems like the final version will be released soon, Steam Achievements are already there, but they are not working atm.

    I bought Starforge at Early Access too, it finished the early access but I can't say that felt as a finished product. The game evolved a lot since the first release, totally different games, but it's obvious the money stopped flowing and the team finished the best as they could.

    And that sadly happens for a lot of games, even Double Fine has had problems with other products financed on their own, if you like the game at the state it is, and the community seems happy (Nuclear Throne) go for it, and support the development, if not, then just wait and see.

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    I would recommend looking into Invisible Inc., and Crypt of the Necrodancer.

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    I think Assetto Corsa started out that way.

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    Funny enough. You probably mean specifically Early Access through Steam.
    Outside of Steam, there's a load of Early Access releases that did come out.
    Roguelikes being a large number of them.

    Minecraft was also sold under the Early Access system for months before the official 1.0 version.
    Again, not via Steam, though.

    War for the Overworld is also a notable title that definitely was a success. That WAS through Steam.
    In fact, it is among the games which not only successfully released beyond Early Access, but it was a KickStarter campaign before it.

    One could almost thank EA for that. Due to their dismal display of Dungeon Keeper Mobile, it really got people throwing money at a project that looked to finally bring the game they wanted to the new generation.
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    I think Prison Architect (I know it was in Early Access before Sept 2014) and Kerbal Space Program (wiki says Early Access in March 2013) were both Early Access that went 1.0 (at least) during 2015.

    Even though some games say Early Access, they may be in pretty good condition as is. Reviews may be able to hint at the real status for you.

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    Rivals of Aether is too hype to not get a final release.

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