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    Default Party for TD 4 since Dec 22? (Ship 6 particularly)

    Hi, dear all,

    I have been a solo player on ship 6 for quite a long time. I personally run two accounts as my girl friend just can rarely find time to run her account after creating her account when she is still in school. Therefore, I did not try to join any team to avoid uncomfort for others.
    (I promise... no leeching and no interest transfer between accounts... which jp players deeply hate.)

    As the new patch with the new TD seems to commence on Dec 22, I am wondering if there starts to be anybody trying to organize a party for that. I have to admit that I am deeply scared after watching the trailer released on SEGA site and wonder how one may even do a successful first attempts if there is no organization among the MPA...

    If there are people trying to organize such a party in ship 6, may I know how one may join and what the requirement will be?

    ship 6: BuBuMao

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    me too, maybe if some one from ship 9 want to party up with me
    id on my sig
    PSO2 Ship2; ID: Hangal

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