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    Team Name:Edolas
    Server: (JP)
    Ship of Service:2
    Type of Team/Game play:Casual,TA/XQS,EQs
    Other information:no requirements expect being good and friendly to other members and not to be cancer, no drama people aswell,have members from all Timezones,we do activities from time to time like challenge ship quests or fashion content,pvp,triggers.
    Player IDs:-Morkand,PrinceMinato,Jiyurune,Sinshx,NinyuUtsuho

    Members will get invite to team discord once they join!!

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    Team Name: Council
    Server (JP/SEA/TAIWAN): JP
    Ship of Service: 2
    Type of Team/Game play: Casual, supportive, active, no pressure, moderate, relaxed, social.

    Other Information:

    We are a relatively new and growing team open to all players of differing backgrounds, classes and levels as a result of this there are no current
    requirements that need to be met at this time.

    We are looking for like-minded people who like to be social and those who do not mind being part of the creation of a great team.
    What we have right now is a family of great people and we'd like you to become a part of that.

    Our progression & direction:
    We would like to get to the point where we are doing planned EQs for differing timezones and running modulator runs multiple times a day, being more
    focused on endgame while still retaining the fun aspect.
    Right now we are mainly NA with some UK but we would like to expand our horizons.
    While we don't have level requirements at the moment we are happy to aid you in leveling up, gear and class progression if you would like.

    Things we do:

    TACO sets (multiple characters).
    Daily Orders.
    Modulator/Returner Farming.
    Level Grinding (AQs, LQs).

    Whom to Contact to join: PlayerID: Electrochemist
    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link: will be given out to those who join

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    Team Name: Hoshi no Neko
    Server: JP
    Ship of Service: Ship 02
    Type of Team/Game play: Casual ~ Intermediate
    Other Information: Have fun with the game and don't vent in the Team chat =^w^=
    Whom to Contact to join: xrosblade821 (active during EU times), Icrowl (active during US times)
    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link:
    Even if you don't join our team, feel free to enter our Discord server to hang out =^w^=
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    Team: Galaxy Knights

    JP Servers - Ship 2 (Ur)

    Type of Team: Casual / Small Team

    Play Times: Various Times - Morning/Day/Night

    Other Information: We've got a maxed out Team Tree and a Team Shop with weekly items. Anyone is welcome to join, 18+ is preferred. We've been around since 2014, so we have plenty of experience if you need help with anything. We also have trophies, so you know we're legit.

    Whom to Contact to join: (Player ID Names) Loveabelle or Pownade

    Discord link:

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    Team Name: Digital HAZE

    Server: JP - Ship 02 - Ur

    Type of Team/Game play: Casual + Serious. We're a quiet team looking for easygoing players with decent gear and skill. Some of us are more laid back, while some of us are focused on maximizing performance. We have a pretty good mix. We don't enforce any gameplay style on anyone. We're here to have a good time and get better.

    Other Information: We typically group up for Emergency Quests, and sometimes organize trigger parties. We are also willing to train newer players who have a genuine interest and willing to invest the time and effort into the game. We have players in EST, PST, JST, and Europe time zones. We also have an active Discord channel.

    Whom to Contact to join:
    Here on PSO-World- GreenArcher, RED1228
    Via Player ID: Yoof, red_ghost, swrlaxrat
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    Team Name: Nora連合

    Server: PSO2 JP

    Ship of Service: Ship 2

    What kind of team are we trying to create?
    We are a relatively new team, still just starting out. However, we want to create a warm and inclusive community for those who wish to join us.
    We are fine with anime references and roleplay.
    Both hardcore and casual players are welcome, just do you best when you play with us. Of course efficiency in quests would be ideal, however it is more important for us to have fun together!
    No DPS shaming, no elitist behaviour, don't be toxic please, we're all here to have a fun time.
    New players are more than welcome to join us as well!
    We usually play around 1900-0100 JST.

    Who do I contact to join the team?
    AngelFamily (Player ID) / Angel_Chrome#8095 (Discord)
    ItsukaAkiko (Player ID) / sakuraaa#9515 (Discord)

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    Team Name: AFFIRM

    We want to empower new members to improve, and have fun. We also want to teach new members what they should know, in as simple as a manner as we can. We hope that they'll eventually grow to being strong members of our alliance, being able to help future newcomers.

    We are interested in members that want a welcoming environment to learn, first and foremost. Therefore, our priorities are teaching, and fun. So, if you come purely for one or the other, or both, that is all you should expect as a minimum. We all have different goals and interests, (fashion, improve as a player, end-game build, etc) and as long as we can play together, and have fun, in the end. That's all that matters.

    Things we aim to do: Daily Orders, Team Quests, Emergency Quests, Featured Quests, Advanced Quests. Beyond that, we will be open to doing anything that fulfill's an Ark's Mission, and anything that helps us achieve our goals.

    Type of Team: Teaching, Fun, Improvement, Social

    We have a google sheet that shall list important information for ourselves and newcomers alike to benefit from. Which can be found in our alliance discord.

    We reside on Ship 2 on the JP Server and the NA Server. Here is how to reach us:

    JP Server:

    Ranmaru (Team Manager): Player ID: Lethiz
    AnamanaAU (Team Leader): Player ID: AnamanaAU

    NA Server:

    Ranmaru (Team Manager): Player ID: Neokrw
    AnamanaAU (Team Leader): Player ID: AnamanaAU


    Ranmaru: neo#2156
    AnamanaAU: Anamana!#9224
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    Team Name: Title Hunters

    Server: JP

    Ship of Service: 02

    Type of Team/Game play: Nothing specific

    Other Information: To allow people who wishes to unlock as many titles as possible to find others who want to do the same. No restrictions, play what you want to play, no drama, no commitments whatsoever. The only rule (besides not being an ass) is that if you're going to use the Photon Tree, make your weekly quota with the team points.

    Whom to Contact to join: ID: *Sunshine*

    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link: NA

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    Team Name: The Principality
    Server (JP/SEA/TAIWAN): JP
    Ship of Service: 2UR
    Type of Team/Game play: Casual with Daily mission done weekly with the team.
    Other Information: Our Team lobby is Franka Cafe. Meet up there and use our Discord Channel to chat (

    Whom to Contact to join: PlayerID: MegaZoneEX

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