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    Team Name: Caliginosity
    Server (JP/SEA/TAIWAN): JP
    Ship of Service: 2
    Type of Team/Game play:
    • Daily Orders/Modulator Farming/TACO+XQ and AQs for levelling and such
    • Also working on running team MPAs for the main EQs as the team grows to all play together and have fun as a team while playing as efficiently as we can

    Other Information:
    • Have a class at Level 75
    • As well as being active and a positive attitude to learn and grow together as a team

    Active times:

    We also have about 4 out 9 members from the EU region. Usually quite active around 10am UTC till late night.

    Whom to Contact to join:

    Team master: レキまあ
    Manager: Celestia~

    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link: We use Discord to communicate outside of the game. You'll be invited to join the Discord server upon joining the team!

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    Team Name: EternalSonata
    Server: JP
    Ship of Service: 02
    Type of Team/Game play: Casual
    Other Information: No Restrictions and new players and vets as well are encouraged to join! We will discuss events, mpas, and so forth as we grow!
    Whom to Contact to join:
    In-Game (ID: Nagisa27) and also heres our team website on facebook:

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    Team Name: Kindred
    Server JP
    Ship of Service: Ship 2: UR
    Type of Team/Game play: We tend to be quite casual, seeking fun times above all else.
    Other Information: For the most part we are attempting to grow, so for the moment I'm afraid we do not offer much.
    Outside Forum, We have a discord! I'll advise to PM me (Kinujou) for more info.

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    Team Name: Lunar Break
    Server: JP
    Ship of Service: Ship 2
    Type of Team/Game play (Casual, Time Attack, Maximum DPS etc): Focused and supportive. XH EQs and educating others.
    Other information: Only expectation is that you play with good class combinations. EG: No Bo/Br, Hu/Fo, etc. Newer players are also expected to accept help gearing up at some point. Mainly looking for people to successfully complete all EQs quickly or help those who are willing to get better for that. Not looking for perfection, only competence, PST to EST timezone as well.
    Whom to Contact to join: SEGA IDs Starryeyedbunny (Also PSO-w ID) or Drakosingetail(Daku on pso-w). Via whipsering, mail if offline.
    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link: A discord server, invites will be given upon joining, not required but is highly recommended

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    Team Name: WaifuDfnseForce
    Server (JP/SEA/TAIWAN): JP
    Ship of Service: Ship02
    Type of Team/Game play (Casual, Time Attack, Maximum DPS etc): Casual tryhard. We're looking to push times and perform well, but don't have rigid spec or gear requirements.
    Other Information (if you have requirements, restrictions, usual time members are online and so forth): We're primarily a US team, mostly active during evenings and late nights. We use Discord for most team communication, and a Google Docs spreadsheet for MPA signups. Level 8 Attack Boost, Photon Occurrence Rate and Photon Occurrence Duration.
    Whom to Contact to join: TyroneSama#3292 on Discord.
    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link:

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    Team Name: Log Serenity
    Server (JP/SEA/TAIWAN): JP
    Ship of Service: 2 Ur
    Type of Team/Game play: Casual/Free Play
    Other Information: Team,that have lot of casual and funny members under leadership of wise, but sometimes unpredictable (in a good way), leader. We're happy for everyone to join our ranks!
    Whom to Contact to join: Team Master - Kamatachi, Managers - MikuTheSniper, Raynfury, Axl R. Low. Contact in game, but beware that TM not always can responce immediatelly.

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    Team Name: -Forever Alone-
    Server JP
    Ship of Service: 2UR
    Type of Team/Game play: Casual, everyone does what they want, nobody listens to anybody

    Other Information:You've got no friends or your friends are always offline, especially when you need them? Nobody joins you? Nobody wants to talk to you? You get kicked from parties a lot? People leave after EQ starts and you have no idea why all of this is happening to you? If that's the case, let the world know the truth! - join the club

    Whom to Contact to join: No need to contact anybody - just join from the team search menu
    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link: no need

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    Team Name: VEGA
    Server: JP
    Ship: 02 Ur

    Type of Team:
    We are a casual UK based team looking for more UK based players to join us. We are looking for regular members to meet up for Time Attacks and other group based missions such as Emergency Quests or Extreme Quests.

    PSO2 ID - Joycie (Team Master)
    PSO2 ID - azure_kaede (Team Manager)
    PSOW - JoycieC

    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link:
    We have a VEGA Skype group which includes players of other games, it is invite only so a member only needs to ask.

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    Team Name: Lux Aeterna

    Server (JP/SEA/TAIWAN): Japan

    Ship of Service: Ship 10

    Type of Team/Game play: We have discord, we help new people. we are so relax, and feel free to asked questions, and junk: We play mostly in the summer and do work or go to school during winter and fall. spring is when we come back to life. LoL. Also we help you get weapons and units, in return we just like to see you smile and be on our team. Yah. Okay i extragerated but we like to help when we can and we do all those quests to help raise mesta. We don't require you to do team points and we only need team points when the tree needs water which is like very rare.

    Oh I forgot We are English speaking Team European, USA, Canada, Russia. If you do not speak English that is okay We just need to understand you is all don't be afraid to join even if you are Japaneses

    Whom to Contact to join: try the Visiphone and our Team leader will help with the recruitment He is on every 3 days so please be patient. Search in My Arks Search and you should see the selection -Team Search- And Find us.

    Or go to Teams that our recruiting and you should see our Name.

    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link: Sorry no link till the team Leader makes a final say.

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    Team Name: Phantom Acheron
    Server: JP
    Ship of Service: Ship 2
    Type of Team/Game play: Casual, but we hope to turn into a DPS-aimed team overtime.
    Other Information: We are a new team seeking newbie and veteran players alike. Although we'd call ourselves a casual team, overtime, we wish to become a DPS-aimed group to make EQs, Trigger Runs and Time Attacks a lot easier and more efficient for us. We expect old players to aid the new players when possible, and we also expect the new players to listen and learn from old ones. If you don't mind helping a small team grow and become big and strong, this is the team for you.
    Whom to Contact to join: Drewski98 (Team Master), brokenpxl or Lone Devil(Managers)
    Outside Forum, Teamspeak, or group page link: We have a Discord server, but you must join the team first in order to access it.
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