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    Default Solo Extreme Quest - Q&A, Tips and Strategies

    Work in progress, as usual.



    Equipment Tips:

    Class Tips:


    Stage Orders:

    General Stage Strategies:

    Stage 1:

    Stage 2:

    Stage 3:

    Stage 4:

    Stage 5:

    Stage 6:

    Stage 7:

    Stage 8:

    Stage 9:

    Stage 10:

    Class-Specific Stage Strategies:











    - Everyone in this thread.
    - Some people in the General Forum thread.
    - Selphea.
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    Random Fo/Te thoughts, mainly for 6-10 because 1-5 is whatever

    Ice + Wind/Light for trees
    Strong (13star) Light Talis or turn around and pick another class.
    Light Rod
    Good Ice Talis helps too

    Stage boost is around double damage, Rod bonus on 7/9, Talis on 8/10. Even if you aren't throwing the Talis (or just don't have mastery for some reason) it'll still shit all over Rod damage on Stage 8/10.

    Stage 6: Cat 1 > Vol Tail > Vol Horns > Cat 2 > Cat 3

    Stage 7: 3 Different spawn conditionals at once
    Predicada > Apprentice (she can summon 2 more)
    Wolgada + Stone Darkers > Elder > Hunar
    Decol + Bird Darkers > Loser > Angel

    Wolgada and the Predicada > Apprentice spawn close together, just spam Ragrants until Apprentice + Wolga die, won't take much. Focus on Deco after that, it's ok if trash dies, just keep in mind you want Elder + Loser to die simultaneously, so if one of them comes out early avoid hitting them. Hunar + Angel spawn in the middle, Zanverse + Barantsion drops them both.

    Stage 8

    Monkeys > Rockbear > Ult Monkeys + Bayari
    Mammoths > Ult Mammoths
    Wolves > Ult Wolves + Snow Banthers > Mecha 1 followed by Mecha 2 in 10ish seconds

    That's the spawn patterns, and a nice order for killing them too. Talis Ilbarta on everything.

    Really simple if you just kill things one by one so you aren't overwhelmed with bosses. Snow Banthers have super nerfed HP, like under 100k, typically I kill the banther first then break banshee face, then stall for full pp before finishing it off. For the Mecha Leos, Wing > Head > Head keeps them locked down and they die as they're roaring. If you want to play safe you can stall it before killing the last regular wolf and run out the clock so you can heal.

    Stage 9: Run around, keep an eye on what Matoi does after a teleport. If it's the slow moving ball keep moving, if she does her other attacks you can get some distance and hit Persona. Or just run out the clock, they can't really catch you if you keep moving. I did burst them both down with Ragrants from the start on one run, but really prefer playing it safe, run is fucked if you get hit here.

    Stage 10: KK > Casra > Regius > Huey. Ilbarta KK from the start and she'll die in two hits, really shouldn't have any issues with the remaining 3 after that.

    Anga 1: Zanverse > Barantsion, use it with a Talis, should drop him
    Anga 2: Convert > Zanverse > Ragrants, again Talis, I don't bother throwing the Talis

    Should have plenty of time to rebuff before Dio

    Dio: Hardest part I think, hopefully someone has better thoughts. You should be able to break one arm as he spawns, after the second arm he'll be stunned and you can do more damage. If he's still alive eventually he'll do a barrage of lasers followed by a big death ball, and then he'll be tired and you can finish it off. The attack where he shoots the ground 4x is his most dangerous since it will stunlock you to death unless your mag saves your ass. Probably best to attack after that one since you can reasonably survive the other stuff if he follows up with them.

    PD: Zanverse > Barantsion, if you're geared enough it'll die, if you're not

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    Don't feel like Stages 1-5 needs much strategy to finish smoothly, so yeah.

    For Ranger/Hunter players with Massive Hunter at the very least for defensive options: Be decently geared; you're level 75 and you can only depend on yourself here, seriously.

    Stage 6: You may wipe out 2 Catadrans by headshotting them with 2 Charged End Attracts or do it when they stretch out since their exposed bodies are universal weakpoints that fill in the weakpoint kill criteria.
    If you don't manage to complete the orders, break the tail of the remaining Catadran and kill it by attacking the exposed tail. I honestly suggest using One Point to evade attacks from Vol Dragon.
    Focus on Vol Dragon now by breaking the tail first, use a Satellite Cannon on the horn above its face and then do it again directly on the face. The face should satisfy the final weakpoint clear.

    Stage 7: Everything is weak to ARs here so just do whatever but keep the clones of Gettemhart and Luther alive last. End Attract works nicely when lined up, but making use of Launcher's Cluster Bullet is still recommended in the beginning to eliminate most mobs.
    When only the two above are left, allow Luther to do his uncharged Satellite Cannon-ish attack before you kill Gettemhart's clone. After doing so, you can do 2 Charged Satellite Cannons w/ Standing Snipe to eliminate DF Hunar before he can even move attack. Get rid of Luther's clone and do the same with 2 Charged SCs w/ SS on DF Angel, should be either dead or very close to dead if you just lock on the body.

    Stage 8: Everything here is weak to Launchers, so you may Cosmos Breaker spam to stunlock and break the Banther family. Although, you should probably kill all of the monkeys and Rockbear types first. If things go wrong you really need Massive Hunter here.

    Stage 9: You have the option to run around until time runs out if you're afraid of getting hit. Both Matoi and Persona are weak to rifles.
    If you decide to fight and want to be brave before time runs out, start off the fight by using weakbullet and One Point on Matoi while running left, and make sure to jump dodge that orb she will fire, and make sure to not get hit by a dart from her as well. At this point it's straight up running around and spamming One Point until she's dead while making sure Persona doesn't hit you with a Sonic Arrow because you get too careless. Persona is also just One Point and run, really, but just do an uncharged End Attract when he turns on his Stance to ragemode.

    Stage 10: I hope you have Julius Nifta PB because it is by far the simplest way to get rid of the members of the Council with any class. You can just switch to a T-atk weapon and let Nifta do the work. If you don't have that PB, Gravity Bomb in the center and use 1 uncharged EA and start Diffuse Shell spamming as it should hit all of them, and knock them down too.
    For Anga you may simply do 1 SC w/ SS if you're strong enough or add in 1 End Attract if you're not and make sure it hits the head. Repeat again for its respawn.
    Now you may have an entire minute to wait before Dio spawn so heal/buff if needed.
    For Dio, hold a Satellite Cannon w/SS and fire on one of its shoulders to break 1 part. WB the other part and break it with One Point. Immediately after breaking it turn on Massive Hunter and just Sat Cannon the hell out of it without caring.
    For Profound Darkness, hit it with a charged SC w/SS as it's spawning, Weakbullet it, and either do another SC/uncharged EA spams if you're far away enough to not get wrecked by Over End or just do One Point spams. Massive Hunter should still be up if you killed Dio quick enough, so SC should be safe still.

    That's about it.

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    What i did for Bohu:

    Apply shifta and deband before each stage.

    S6: Use Immortal dove>PBF (under deband to reduce pp cost) on catherdran tails to complete order (3 weak points kill) or justice crow when they stretch(Hkite places you above their hitbox so it's not optimal). Then break vol tail and stun lock kill.

    S7: They will have jetboots weakness here if you didn't fail S6. So use Rapid boost, turn on massive hunter and spam nothing but Moment gale. This stage ended for me before rapid boost did.

    S8: Use PBF right when you enter and spam shrike on mobs until Leone and Leopard spawn. You can kill them in about 5 seconds each if you spam PBF on their heads when they spawn. Finish Bayarrible.

    S9: I recommend waiting for PBF to cooldown before entering. And when you do enter Climb up with Hkite and spam PBF on Matoi first. Use Photon blade escape to dodge her energy attacks in the air. After her death just pbf kill persona from the same height( he cant hit you).

    S10: You will get jetboots buff if you don't fail S9. Use rapid boost and moment gale to kill the NPC quickly. After that you will want to use PBF>Dove on anga (should die in few combo hits) or Strike gust (during rapid boost for better dps). Charge zanverse and use it with Dove>PBF when he returns for phase 2. After anga kill Dio hunar however you can(i used Kite for it). For profound i just used Hkite until i got PBF back then spam that from a distance til dead.

    Thats all i did atm. Didnt like solo XQ that much so i wont try anything else for a long while.

    Edit: some stuff
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    Some Gunner thoughts.

    - The choice between a Ranger sub and a Hunter sub here is choosing between opting to defeat enemies with overwhelming force before they can gain any momentum with a minimal margin of error (Ranger) or fighting longer battles with a drastically larger margin for error (Hunter). Hunter may seem like the braindead easy choice, but the longer battles can strain your -mate supply and you'll need to build and maintain higher stacks of Chain Trigger than Ranger in order to create burst. Chose whichever suits you better. I went back and forth during my attempts, but ultimately, I like Ranger better.

    S1-S5: lol

    S6: End Attraction will either take out a Cater right away or take a good chunk of its health away before anything gets going, depending on your gear and sub. Your immediate goal should be killing at least one Cater before any of them burrow. If you can't manage this, then remember you break Vol Dragon's tail with relative ease in order to stun it for a little while and give yourself some quality time with the worms.

    S7: Whichever sub you're using, go for the Decol Malluda first and everything else will follow. Use (crafted) Bullet Squall in the air to stagger lock Malluda and score those sweet headshots on everything else. If all goes well, Apprentice will die right as Elder and Loser show up, but if not, she should be on her last legs. Finish her off, then take care of Elder to bring out Hunar. Apply Sat Aim to Hunar's face liberally for that sweet stagger lock and then bring out Angel. Um...kill Angel? No real tips to offer here.

    S8: Mind your kill order. If you still have a Guld Milla in storage collecting mothballs, it can be useful here, and in the XQ in general, but here in particular considering the stage order. While the potential doesn't make Gunner idiotproof like it used to, Bullet Squall has such a high rate of fire that if it's hitting a few targets, that even the nerfed potential will produce a high HPS. As long as you don't derp super hard and spawn the zoids and luchador bear all at once, you can crutch on GM pretty hard here.

    S9: Play Ring Around the Rosie with Persona and Viel until time's up. You can save a little time by activating Chain Trigger at the ~20 seconds remaining mark so it'll be good to go again for Viel sooner after you nuke Persona with it.

    S10: You can use Nykta like everyone else says for the council. If you don't have that (like me), you can get in the air and twerk on their heads with Shift Period or Bullet Squall with relative impunity. Claris can still get you with rafoies though, so don't stay in one spot too long and prioritize her first.

    If you're subbing Ranger, congratulations, you've already won. Sat Cannon for Anga, and remember to get in Zero Range and have Showtime running for it. Sneak Shooter, Impact Slider, and One Point for Dio's Arms, then Sat Aim it in the face when she's pooped. WB+CT for PD when s/he appears and unload. If not, then it's pretty much the same strat, though you'll need to build some very good Chains to simulate the burst as well as milk Chain F Bonus' effect.
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    Thanks for all the tips!

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    btw, you have "Aerial Advance" in the OP for gunner. I think you mean Aerial Shooting, if you're talking about the PA that gets you altitude. Aerial Advance is just a skill.

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    Since a good fo is using wind/light here, zandion could easily kill matoi/persona as long as you go as soon as the stage starts.

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    Fixed, thanks. I was so tired, I fell asleep while writing the guide. Went to bed when I woke up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaigaUC View Post
    - Use Avada Kedavra for a quick kill.
    - Don't say his name!
    This right here is the most important info for the whole Extreme Quest and probably Episode 4

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