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Thread: NP1013 solution

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    Default NP1013 solution

    Update 05/31/2016: Tweaker update should help with the issue, also see below quote

    Quote Originally Posted by Variant View Post
    FYI, from all our testing with multiple people, what we know right now is:
    -Tweaker still gets detected, GN Field probably helps with that (Try not to keep your stuff in your pso2_bin folder... but I've once seen it find my copy of Cheat Engine in Program Files like a few months ago so whatever >_>)
    -We have not had issues with Plugins (item translation, damage dumper, title translation, etc... I personally have not tested english/story/large files)
    -We have a somewhat solid theory that it was checking both the registry for the PSO2ProxyStats key (you can open up regedit and search for "AIDA", should be something like HKEY_USERS\<SOME STRING OF NUMBERS AND CHARACTERS>\Software\AIDA ) and the hosts file

    So my suggestion is that if you weren't experiencing the NP1013 before and used the proxy:

    If you use Tweaker: Just reconfigure the proxy by "setting it up" again with the same configuration file ( )
    If you didn't use Tweaker, then just change your hosts file IP to

    If you didn't use the proxy and are experiencing NP1013s now, make sure that you don't have a copy of Tweaker lying around since GG just scans everything... (or use GN Field if you do have tweaker).

    I believe AIDA pushed an update for the Tweaker to not use the proxy stats thing anymore, but I'm not sure if it removes the old one, so you'll have to double check that if none of the above works for you.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------OLD STUFF BELOW THIS-------------------------------------------------------------------------

    So, experimentation and testing done, GG is detecting tweaker specifically, I'll let AIDA deal with that. As far as I'm aware, there is literally no other issue. Everyone who's had issues with the Vanilla launcher is NP1013ing because of tweaker specifically (the lingering process tweaker leaves behind to make sure it launched the game properly).

    For the time being, you can use the batch file below to run it (change the directory, and create a file like pso2run.bat and run it as admin):

    cd /D "G:\Games\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin"
    SET -pso2=+0x01e3f1e9
    start pso2.exe +0x33aca2b9 -pso2
    It does not matter where you put this file (no you cannot put it in Recycle Bin), but make sure you change the directory to your pso2_bin directory.

    For those of you who need the proxy to connect or plugins, you can run the Tweaker to get the Proxy setup, and then drop this into your pso2_bin directory (note that Tweaker will auto-delete it to avoid conflicts, so be aware of that).

    Then close Tweaker, and then use the batch file to run the game. If you NP1013, make sure that Tweaker isn't active in the background via Task Manager or something, it might have stayed up to make sure the game started properly.

    I will not be actively providing support for this. This works on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. If you are unable to play even after all this, wait til AIDA pushes an update for Tweaker.

    Quote Originally Posted by Variant View Post
    Er, item translations and the proxy and other plugins can all be enabled by dropping that ddraw in the first post into your folder.

    pso2 loads ddraw -> ddraw loads pso2h -> pso2h loads the plugins in the Plugins folder, which includes item translations

    The reason I say configure everything with Tweaker first is so you'll be able to easily setup the proxy and the plugins you want active. The only thing you can't do with it right now is start the game.


    FacelessRed made my words less confusing

    Quote Originally Posted by FacelessRed View Post
    This is for those slightly confused by Variant's instruction, hopefully it will further clarify his solution provided.

    Open up notepad

    Next, locate your pso2 install, and find pso2.exe

    My pso directory where pso2.exe is: D:\Phantasy_Star\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin <-- your directory will not be the same as mine.

    The tricky part is that, you may not have PSO installed on your default drive (usually C:\) So if it isn't you will need to place another line BELOW the cd line. This line will be the letter drive you need to run the command from. In my case it is D:

    So the altered code for the .bat file that you need to type into notepad (using MY DIRECTORY IS:

    cd /D "D:\Phantasy_Star\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin"
    SET -pso2=+0x01e3f1e9
    start pso2.exe +0x33aca2b9 -pso2

    To reiterate

    First line is where my pso2.exe is located.
    2nd line is the drive it's located on

    then hit save, name it (name).bat , change the "save as file type" to "all files" save it anywhere. Then right click the file, Select Run as Administrator. And it will launch PSO2.
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    Exclamation NP1013 Error Fix?

    Hello all, after three hours of testing with my EN Friends who use the tweaker and my JP friends who do not, as of the time of this post, I believe that I've found somewhat a 'fix' to this issue, however end result would be that you will not have access to any English patches of any sort.

    Head over to your PSO2 Game Files, which should be located at C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin or something similar, then delete the following two folders: GameGuard and Plugins
    Note that if you do not see a plugins folder, please look instead for a folder called "Precede"

    What this does is one, refresh the gameguard installation as well as remove all third party factors (Tweaker) from essentially activating with your PSO2.exe launch.
    Once this is done, head over to the PSO2 JP Launcher (you can also open it from the file called pso2launcher.exe) and launch the game through there. This should work no problem as tested by a few individuals on my end.

    Personally, I can't confirmed whether it exactly is Gameguard or Tweaker's plugins problems, but I can say that it's probably a combination of both in a way.

    Best of luck to all, and stay safe until then.

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    Someone in this thread mentioned of an alternative of using a batch file to get on.

    I have done this method along with having english patch still on and i haven't crashed as of yet. (been on for past 30 minutes)
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    Changed it to my directory and it still say it can't find pso2.exe
    Seems to try to find pso2.exe in my system32 folder.

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    Change the first line of the batch file to your pso2_bin directory:

    cd "G:\Games\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Variant View Post
    Change the first line of the batch file to your pso2_bin directory:

    cd "G:\Games\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin"
    I know. I did and it can't find pso2.exe is what I''m saying.

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    Eh, weird. Try running it directly from cmd prompt (Shift+Right-click in your pso2_bin directory and select 'Open Command Window Here') with these two lines:

    SET -pso2=+0x01e3f1e9
    start pso2.exe +0x33aca2b9 -pso2

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    Game won't launch. It will do the usual window pop window, then that's it.

    If I try to run it as admin it say it can not find pso2.exe. I'll just run it with the original until Aida fixes. (if i can be fixed)
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    At least I know I'm not the only one having this issue then.. Guess we'll wait for AIDA to solve it. ^.^;;

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