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    Default Let the site owner weigh in on the private server ban.

    Because the previous topic was locked before I could offer a solid rebuttal, I am making a new topic. I don't care if I get in trouble for this because I want this to be addressed by someone higher up than a moderator on a power trip.

    I think we need to have the site owner weigh in on this. The mods are defending the rule that prevents us from discussing private PSO1 servers because of some misguided interpretation of certain premises that no longer apply. Namely, there are no official PSO1 servers anymore. (They don't seem to care, and made up new reasons for the rule which are very weak.)

    I wanted to contact Tomeeboy because I am certain he would say something like, "What? THAT old rule? They were still defending it and thinking it mattered? Hahahaha!" I gamed with him back on PSO GC, and he was always way more easygoing than his mods. I'm sure he hasn't logged in to PSOW for years, and none of his contact info appears to be relevant any longer.

    So, mods, have Tomeeboy look at this and see if the rule still applies. We need an official ruling from someone other than a moderator. Make sure he gets ALL of the info from both sides. He probably isn't even aware that there are no official PSO1 servers anymore, and I fear you would give him a one-sided story to get the judgment you want. I'm relying on you to present this with some integrity.

    (I mean, seriously, what does it take to be a mod here? I once saw a mod whose highest level on PSO was Lv. 120. Do you know how LITTLE a person knows about PSO when they only have a single Lv. 120? And THAT qualifies them to be a mod? I have eight Lv. 200s spanning from GC Vanilla to *censored* server on PSO BB, and I'm still learning new things about the game.)

    Let's get this reviewed by the site owner. You guys are doing a huge disservice to PSO fans by refusing to operate in reality or even take a serious look at this.

    Nobody even took two minutes to actually look into the rule. They just follow a post from some mod who hasn't posted since 2007. That's encouraging...
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    To give a concrete example of how irrelevant this rule is now, fucking FORBES magazine, which is read by way more people than PSOW, did an article about how people are still playing PSO1, and, as predicted by those of us who have a sense of reality, Sega didn't give a shit:

    But PSOW thinks they're so damn special and that Sega is going to get mad at them. There's probably not a single person employed at Sega who is even aware of this site any longer. It has fallen hard.

    "PSOW: More important than Forbes."
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    Let it rest. It doesn't hurt anyone without being able to mention names of servers. Why bring the drama here when we already have the PSO2 section?
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    I won't let it rest because their implication that private servers shouldn't be spoken of also implies scorn and the notion that they shouldn't exist.

    Yes, in a perfect world, no online game would ever get shut down and the official server would last forever.

    This is a very imperfect world, and as the "World's Largest Phantasy Star Community," PSOW has a journalistic obligation to acknowledge PSO1 as it now exists.

    By their same rationale they're currently using, fanfics shouldn't be allowed, but there's a whole section of's just an arbitrary rule based on nothing, and I'm sure Tomeeboy isn't even aware of it. I haven't seen him since 2009.

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    Again, I want to see what Tomeeboy has to say about it.

    BTW, the "players online" screenshot that you're showing is not from the server that I play on. .-.
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    Think of it in this way. When you register and sign up to post at PSO-World, you accept to all of the rules and regulations that this forum expects the people who want to use it. In otherwords, if you sign up and become a member, you have to accept the terms and conditions to post.

    There is the rule asking members not to discuss about certain server names on the forums. It is expected to be followed. Even if its irrelevent as you say it is still the rule that we still enforce. Ill bring up your concern with the admins, or you can try and PM them as well. There's no problem there. I'm sure they can make some kind of arrangement with you to discuss what you want to discuss about it. Though, there is probably better ways to get your point across than to insult the other moderators or others to get your voice heard. Makes things messy.

    Anyway. I'll direct the message to them. You do the same. Til then. Closing the thread~
    Good night.

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