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    Question Gathering and Skill Rings Q&A - the guide nobody asked for or needed.


    Q. So... what the hell is Gathering?
    A new system that fills up your inventory and storage with lots of crap.
    You can use that crap to make food that boosts your chances of getting more crap.
    There's a new female Gathering NPC in Franca's Cafe that walks you through the various features.

    Q. Ooookay. So, what's the point of that??
    There's a rare chance to obtain materials used to purchase and upgrade Rings with unique effects that should probably have been implemented as class skills.

    Q. Sounds... intriguing. Mayhaps you proffer some examples of these unique effects of which you speaketh?
    Use some class skills on another class, teleport towards enemy when using certain attacks.
    Stuff like that.

    Q. Gathering is connected to Crafting, right?
    Nope. Not at all.

    Q. But it has similar drops, and mining, and stuff?
    Yes. But it's not related or connected to Crafting in any way. At all.

    Q. Your guide sucks. Are there any better guides?


    Q. How do I Gather?
    There are blue and green rings all over Forest, Ruins, Coast and Tokyo free fields. Simply walk up to them and interact.
    Fishing is usually found next to a water source. Harvesting spots are everywhere.
    Note that there are some areas that do not have any Fishing spots.

    Q. Is Gathering account-based or character-based?
    Character-based. Each character has their own Stamina, Level, etc.
    The tutorial also allows you to get the Boost Ring for each character, not just one per account.

    Q. Did I really just dig up a tomato while mining?
    No, this is all a bad dream.

    Q. Does rare drop boost affect Gathering?

    Q. Uhh... Gathering has a Combo system?
    After each Gather, you'll have about 50 seconds to find another spot.
    As your Combo number increases, you'll have a higher chance of getting Fever.
    You have a guaranteed chance of Fever at a Combo of 25.

    Q. Do I lose the Combo count if I go back to campship or change areas?
    No. Just make sure you don't run out of time.

    Q. What the hell is Fever!? Will my character die??
    Fever is like PSE Burst. During Fever, you'll have a much higher chance of rare drops, or gaining two items per Gather.

    Q. What's with the other random stuff that happens when I Gather?
    There's a chance to get "one more" bonus Gather, or extra combo points per Gather.

    Q. How do I level up Gathering?
    Just keep Gathering. Note that Harvesting and Fishing have separate EXP, levels, etc.

    Q. What are the other options available when Harvesting/Fishing?
    Second option is to pay Arks Cash for a fancy premium Pick/Rod. I've heard that it's $10 for only 7 uses.
    Third option is to use a "good Pick/Rod" that assumedly has a slightly higher chance of rare drop.
    It seems like the "good Pick/Rod" is awarded to you through Achievements.

    Q. Achievements? What Achievements?
    Stuff like "fish in the forest a certain number of times".
    Just keep Gathering and you'll keep gaining Achievements.
    Achievements give you some items and unlock recipes, etc.

    Q. Does the quality of materials increase depending on area difficulty?
    Reportedly, no. So you can just do it on Normal.


    Q. How does Stamina work?
    Harvesting and Fishing have separate Stamina, levels, etc.
    It costs 10 Stamina to Harvest or Fish once. When you level up Harvesting or Fishing, your Stamina for that type of Gathering resets.
    You can also replenish Stamina via Stamina Drinks, which are obtained through Achievements or by paying Arks Cash.
    If you wait a long while, it'll regenerate on its own.

    Q. That's... just like a phone game.
    Yes, yes it is.

    Q. What happens to my remaining Stamina when I level up?
    It carries over to the next level as extra Stamina.

    Q. Do I lose that extra Stamina if I log out or something?
    Surprisingly, no. It'll still be there whenever you go back to Gathering.

    Q. Do I lose Stamina if an enemy interrupts me while I'm Gathering?
    Surprisingly, no.

    Q. Uh, I ran out of Stamina... and it's during a Fever.
    That's what usually happens. Either pay Arks Cash to replenish Stamina, or give up on the Fever and wait several hours.

    Q. How long does it take for Stamina to regenerate?
    It's 1 point per 3 minutes, for a total of 5 hours if you are at 0/100 Stamina.

    Food and Materials:

    Q. How does food work?
    The food gives bonuses to specific kinds of Gathering .
    The effects last 1 minute, and effects do not stack. Meaning you can only have one food's bonus at any time.

    Q. How do I make food?
    You gather materials, then go to Aida at Franca's Cafe (not Arks Layer) and get her to cook you some food.

    Q. Why is there so much crap I can't seem to use?
    You have to unlock more recipes.

    Q. How do I unlock more recipes?
    Keep Gathering to unlock more Achievements, and the recipes will open up to you over time.

    Q. So what kind of materials are there?
    - Various food ingredients.
    - Some rarer ingredients? (non-tradable).
    - Rocks from each of the areas (non-tradable?).
    - Gems from each of the areas (non-tradable).
    - The butler order rare items (non-tradable).

    Q. Does rare drop boost affect Gathering?

    Q. I ate boost food, why aren't gems dropping?!
    There's no food to boost gems. You have to use boosts for a specific size. Yes, it's a pain.
    More info here:

    Q. So... what are the Rock and Gem sizes?
    Naberius Rock = Small
    Wopal Rock = Large
    Ass Rock = Medium
    Forest Emerald = Medium
    Ruins Amethyst = Large
    Coast Sapphire = Small
    Tokyo Opal = Large


    Q. What's the best way to gather good stuff?
    1. Make yourself some food related to what you want to Harvest.
    2. Use fishing spots until you get Fever. If you run out of Fishing spots, just use Mining spots.
    3. When Fever starts, eat the food you brought, and Harvest the hell out of everything.
    4. During Fever, use any special Picks/Rods you have. Don't wait for the Fishing circle, just hit the botton.
    5. Have a bunch of characters to repeat this on.

    Q. I don't have money to make more characters.
    As of Episode 4, you can make up to three characters per account, for free. That's more than enough.

    Q. What are the Rock and Gem sizes?
    Naberius Rock = Small
    Wopal Rock = Large
    Ass Rock = Medium
    Forest Emerald = Medium
    Ruins Amethyst = Large
    Coast Sapphire = Small
    Tokyo Opal = Large

    Q. I can't find any Fishing spots!
    Some maps don't have any, because they were never designed for it. Great, huh?
    For Tokyo, look for a large square on the map. That's the park, with a pond in the center. If there isn't one, just reload until you get a map with it.
    For Ruins, water sources are usually around the long arcing bridge tile, and areas with holes in the floor, or literally touching water.

    Q. Does the Fishing Just Attack circle actually do anything?
    Reportedly, no. Rares and One More still occur regardless. Feel free to ignore the circle during Fevers.

    Q. Enemies keep interrupting me!!
    Bring some Friend/Support Partners and hope they don't suck.
    Note that if they spam buffs, you won't be able to clearly see the Fishing Just Guard effect.

    Q. Uh, I was attacked by an enemy and now I'm stuck permanently.
    Working as intended. It's not a bug, it's a feature!
    Actually, it's a bug. SEGA just hasn't acknowledged it yet, as far as I'm aware of.

    Client Orders:

    Q. I heard they added Gathering Orders that give tons of cash?
    Yeah, the butler has a few. Good luck completing them, because you'll need a lot to do so.

    Q. How the hell do I complete the butler's dailies??
    By being extremely lucky with drops.
    Seriously. You need to keep Gathering and hope you get those items. But they are very, very rare.
    Expect several characters and several days to clear one order.
    Unless, of course, you throw real money at the game.

    Q. Do I need to have the orders on me to get those butler items?
    Reportedly, no.

    Q. Why does the butler sound like Freeza from the Japanese DragonBall Z?
    Because he's only at 50% of his maximum.

    Skill Rings:

    Q. Are there any limitations I should be aware of?
    Yes. You cannot use a Skill Rnig if your Main or Sub Class has the same Skill.
    For example, you cannot use PP Convert Ring if your Main or Sub Class happen to be Techer.

    Q. What do I need for Skill Rings?

    Q. Are Rings bound to character?
    No. You can also register them as part of your equipment My Sets.

    Q. Wait, Rings come with stats?
    Yes, apparently so.

    Q. How do I increase Ring level?
    Left Rings and Right Rings work differently.
    Right Rings require you wear them and do stuff to gain Ring EXP before you can upgrade.
    I haven't tried Left Rings, but you may be able to just grind them via the usual method.
    Reportedly, Right Rings will require the same kind of materials that you used to purchase them.

    Q. What does grinding Rings do?
    Increases the effects of the Ring, it seems. Reportedly, above +10 requires Lambda Grinders.
    For Left Rings, You can select a bonus stat for each grind level, for a total of 19 bonus stats.

    Q. Got a list of what the Skill Rings are and what they do?

    Q. What Rings are worth getting??
    From brief discussion with a friend:
    - Twin Dagger Air Chase
    - Stylish Front Roll
    - Hunter Gear Save (particularly good for Wired Lances and Sword)
    - Short Combat (depending on preference)
    - Tech C Parrying
    - Massive Hunter
    - Perfect Keeper (Tech)
    - PP Convert (but be wary that it does not come with Force's constant PP regeneration skill)

    Q. Why not Knuckle Chase??
    Well, first off it requires 15 Lambda Grinders to obtain. It also reportedly does not work in the air.
    It was pointed out to me that Knuckles already has step dash, whereas Twin Daggers cannot step in the air without falling.
    From what I've seen so far, the instant teleport distance is kind of similar to step dash, too.
    Note that the chase teleport effect does affect step dash. If you love Knuckles, then by all means, go for it.

    Q. Got any videos of the Chase Rings?
    Knuckle Chase:

    Twin Dagger Chase:

    Q. I'm running Fighter/Techer. Got any Ring recommendations?
    Nope. No idea.


    Q. This sucks. It's like a bad phone game. I want to quit.
    So do a lot of other people, it seems.

    Q. I am seriously not dealing with this.
    Assuming you didn't delete everything in disgust, maybe come back in a few years.
    The game might be better then. Or worse. Or not even exist anymore.

    Q. Remember when Phantasy Star was awesome, and not this pay2whatever crap?
    Nostalgia glasses!!
    Seriously... yes I do.

    Q. Stop being such an elitist hater!! Some of us have real jobs and real lives!! We play for fun!!
    I was trying to be funny.

    - People on this forum
    - Bumped
    - Selphea
    - Naoya
    - Manta Oyamada
    - FANSean
    - Z-0
    - Steverowland
    - Stormwalker
    - final_attack
    - The first last one
    - The people who recorded those videos
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    5/5, not a single thing missing.

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    Whaaa I don't even have anything in my link related to gathering yet either xD Try Naoya's spreadsheet.

    No idea what's needed though. I take it all the mats will be in English soon enough, then it's just a matter of checking the shop list, and everything gathering-related is all in the same place. People really really shouldn't mess up here when the names are so obvious like "Naberius Crystal" and "Forest Emerald"

    Grinding mats and ring level up stats might be a problem. I'll might eventually get to that, but it'll take time. That's about it I think.

    More important I think is how the rings are gonna affect builds, and how Maron/Melon affect SU gameplay. It looks like they have a guard and a self-destruct, and everything else is a copy paste of existing stuff like Sari Chaser and Wanda Break.
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    Corrected the Selphea link stuff, sorry.

    I'm lazy to look at Maron/Melon. Will talk about them in another thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selphea View Post
    More important I think is how the rings are gonna affect builds, and how Maron/Melon affect SU gameplay. It looks like they have a guard and a self-destruct, and everything else is a copy paste of existing stuff like Sari Chaser and Wanda Break.
    New pets Chaser tracks well like Ilmegid, and it lasts quite long too so I'd say it's a copy paste of Ilmegid instead.

    Also it's faster than Sari Chaser so it's kinda fun to use too, not sure about damage since mine is only at lv 40 atm.

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    Dunno if it also the same as other rings .....

    +10 -> +11 of CritStrike(Ranged) use additional 3 LambdaGrinders orz
    I guess make sure it never failed by using +30% GrindSuccess (the Sapphire is so rare, and I don't really have much Lambda Grinders orz )
    Hopefully the cost doesn't increase at +15 -> +16 orz

    CritStrike(Ranged) gives crit rate (I think the same as the amount of "+"), since so far (Lv11) it does give same critRate as number of "+"

    Might want to get it, I think? Especially when playing TMG Gu (I didn't really play other classes). Though I'm not sure it's worth the money, since I heard it's +5% crit damage at +20 ..... +11 gave 2% CritDamage and 11% CritRate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by final_attack View Post
    I heard it's +5% crit damage at +20 ..... +11 gave 2% CritDamage and 11% CritRate.
    it's 19.8% crit rate and 3% crit dmg at +20

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    what can craft of gathered items and where is ring vendor?

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    I was thinking, maybe the using fish to build up fever is not always the 'right' move to take, especially if you're preparing for gathering specific material for specific food and not always hunting for jewel like most people did.

    Now with the info that size-specific boost food might become the meta for jewel-farming (and of course mineral-boost food for rocks farming), I guess the other materials might not 100% worthless like I expected it to be (Like Ruins Wheat, Coast Moule, and Forest Sweetfish).

    Maybe I was overthinking about this, but again i never had enough stamina to do any meaningful experiment ._.

    As a side note, i wonder if RDR boost play a part in this system or not.
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    wiki says RDR doesn't affect gathering.

    from experience on Coast gathering (I'm making CriticalStrikeRanged), starting with fishing, even if it's still rng, usually I got 1 Moule, to make into MineralBoostFood.

    Start with fishing is good, though, at least for Coast..
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