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    Where do you obtain them success up?

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    If I remember correctly, 5% and 10% are random rare rewards from FUN scratch. I don't remember where 20% is bought from. 30% can be bought with excubes or at the Casino, but the cost is not worth it.

    My suggestion would be to not use Grind Success +X% support items on rings. Rings have 80% success rate on all levels (or was it 85%?). Materials are plentiful, and on average you should expect 3-4 Failures while levelling it up from 1 to 20. Grind Success support tickets are better saved for grinding Old-Type weapons for titles, or units to +10.

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    Grind Success 5% comes from FUN Scratch.
    Grind Success 10% comes from the FUN shop for 2500 FUN points (about 5 ex-cubes worth, sort of, if you buy FUN tickets from the ex-cube shop).
    Grind Success 20% comes from the recycle shop at the cost of 8 AC items, an absurd price.
    Grind Success 30% comes from the ex-cube shop for 20 ex-cubes.

    Edit: there are other sources for these items (e.g. player shops for some), but these are the primary sources, I think.

    As was stated, the best solution may be to have an abundance of mats. You can more or less farm lambda grinders from divide quests (JP version only). As for gems and rocks, there are gathering foods that can help you get those. See the Bumped guide here.

    Edit: also look at the Bumped material booster guide here.
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    I just wanted to say thank you for the response and I experienced grinding units for the first time and those are definitely way more difficult to max out than a ring. I need to get used to the new North American terminology because in the Japanese version when I used to play that one the name for all the items are different. That is probably why I had a little trouble finding which items do what.

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    Since someone just bumped this guide, there are some outdated parts e.g. that there is no food boosting gathering rate of gems, etc.

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