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    I've only had the game for a little over a week now, and all I've been met with are problems. One major one in particular is that, every time I launch the game, it will not go past the first black screen before the PSO2 logo and 'Press Enter Key' show up. At first the problem was easily fixable by just rebooting the gameguard thing or whatever, but now even that won't work. It takes me several tries to actually get the game to work.

    Another problem I've had started a couple days ago, when I plugged my controller into my laptop to play. The game will lag uncontrollably the entire time my controller is plugged in and I don't know why it suddenly started doing so. Playing with a keyboard is rather difficult for me and I'd like it if anyone could help me prevent the lag.

    Third and final problem I have has to do with the files and such. I want to know if I can move these somewhere or delete them off of my desktop because they bother me a lot.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Assuming you are using the Tweaker:
    1) Try running a file check by selecting Check for PSO2 Update, specifically the one without the (new method) tag; you then need to reinstall the English patches.
    2) Make sure that all other programs that aren't needed are not running.
    3) Put the Tweaker and all the files it generates in their own folder somewhere else and just create a shortcut to the Tweaker.exe.
    4) Make sure that you have the Tweaker folder and the game folder set in your antivirus'/Windows Defender's exclusion list.

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