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    Unhappy Tweaker says "not installed" after update

    So, I've been encountering this problem for a few days. Somehow I temporarily "fixed" this bug and was playing nicely until two days ago and yesterday it happened again.
    Backstory (Might be necessary, might be not)


    What do I do...?
    Whenever I update or check the files tweaker says that the patches I've downloaded and installed are not installed anymore. And I can't run the game.
    Even if I download and install it all over again (that will make the game work again, that's what I did the last time), I won't be able to update it anymore without bugging again - I will need to install ALL the files everytime.

    Don't know if this helps, but I opened the Tweaker again and here is the log (is causing and error):
    Program started...
    Loading sidebar page...
    Program opened successfully! Version [OK!]
    Checking for updates, please wait a moment...
    You have the latest version of the program:
    Checking for PSO2 Updates... Done!
    Checking for updates to patches...
    Current EN Patch version is: Not Installed
    Current Large Files version is: Not Installed
    Current Story Patch version is: Not Installed
    Beginning plugin update...
    Downloading/Installing updates...
    ERROR - Access to the path 'C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin\pso2h.dll' is denied.
    ERROR - Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
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    Well, I had a response from another person from the community, but I don't know why it's gone.
    Basically I learned two things:
    1. I can't update using the new method, so I need to cancel whatever update popup that the Tweaker asks me and search for updates manually without using the new method tag
    2. When I click Check for old/missing files the Tweaker uninstalls the english patches, so that's why they were all gone

    I downloaded everything again and I'm playing normally.
    As I didn't need to update anything by now, I'm going to let this thread open until I'm sure that I won't have any problems using the old method in the next update. When I do, I'll update this thread.

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