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    Default Trying to beat Dark Falz second form on Normal with Hunwearl lvl 23

    Uggh. Can't escape the barta/foie attack no matter how far I run. I do have a resist cold and digger hp, but I need the slots for my Arm upgrades to use my railgun which is grinded to 25 with 35% dark. Should I ditch the powerful gun and do the cold and hp upgrades? My hp goes to zero immediately when hit. My hp max is 186 I think. What should I do? (DC)
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    I'd probably try stacking ice resists and see if that will keep you alive for a hit. As long as you can survive one hit you should be fine. Quickly shake the control stick to unfreeze yourself before the adds touch you and then heal with a mate instead of resta and keep attacking him.

    Or level up some more failing that. :n

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    I had a RAmarl that was lv 24 when she beat Falz, about 140 HP, I made sure to constantly have Deband (I don't remember the lv) active and I could survive Rabarta w/about 30HP and Rafoie w/about 20. All my slots went into ATA so I could use my Varista early.
    All in all, I recommend using Deband

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    And see if you have a shield or armour available with better resistances than what you're using now.

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    go get another level or 2 and try again with more hp and defense... best thing about pso you can play at level 100 and level off the forest in normal (technically) i just started back up on gamecube and by the time i did all quests in normal mode and got to falz i was level 26 as a fomar had no problem surviving.

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    You gotta survive, plain and simple or your not finishing the fight! If your staring down Rico's horribly mutated face and just cant go back to grinding until she's let free of her prison then you gotta focus on that defense. I find in these times that when I do just a few more runs to get the gears oiled that I find just the thing I was looking for to put me on the edge to defeat Falz, or whoever. You might just run into some great armor, more slots and not have to sacrifice anything! That powerful feeling is why we play PSO, so either try what we all say or go rogue and see if you can out-beat the unbeatable odds and kill em' with what you got already. Good luck!
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