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    I have uploaded a PSO Ep3 Plus preview video at my youtube channel. My channel is linked in my signature if you wish to see how development is coming along.

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    I saw the broadcast from the 26th of this month. One seemed really long, and the other was less than twelve minutes. I wasn't sure whom I was listening to, though, because there was no introductions made at the beginning of the shows, unless I completely missed them. Having the PSO EPISODE 3 PROJECT title screen with the starting music going on for more than a minute and a half at the very beginning seemed like a good way to lose viewers, just because nothing was going on for a minute and a half, and it looked like it was going to end up being a twelve minute advertisement page for what was to come. After that, it went into showing the photon blasts, and that was nice.

    I support this effort, despite not liking the game much back when it was online. I know some people preferred it over episodes 1 and 2, though, and the graphics were a lot finer, for sure. I also enjoyed spamming rooms with sound effects while viewing other people battling. In fact, the ability to view the battles really helped this game stand out, and would have added an entirely different level of excitement to episodes 1 and 2, had that been a possibility with them.

    Keep up the work, Eyce. I'm happy to see this project going as far as it has, already.

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    Hello trypticon,

    Thanks for the feedback. This show is still a work in progress and is constantly making improvements. We are still trying to figure out how long the show should be and what works best for everyone's schedule. It was originally a 3 hour show due to matches taking up to an hour but we have decided to cut it down to 2 hours max. The show is planned to be broken up into 3 segments. The first segment is called "Development" where we talk about the current status of the game online & offline, followed by the 2nd segment called "Strategy" where we take about specific cards, themed decks or basic fundamentals of the game. The last segment which most will find the most entertaining is called "The Grid" where we setup either online or offline match making.

    Sorry for the long title screen, since it is a live broadcast it takes a little time for viewers to receive app & e-mail notifications when we go live. This is the reasoning behind leaving the title screen up for a few minutes. We want to make sure people make it in time to see as much of the show as possible. In our very first broadcast we introduced ourselves but that episode wasn't archived on youtube. I'll make sure we introduce all team members again during our next broadcast so everyone can get to know us and what specific roles we play on the team.

    I'm glad you liked our photon blast episode, there's still a lot of bugs that need to be ironed out but we are happy to share the current status of the project. There's a lot to see and know about the project so be sure to like, follow or subscribe to stay updated on what's going on.

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    That's some neat stuff. I'm looking forward this!

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    Any updates on this mod? Is there any way you could eventually simplify the modding process one day? <_< I is too dumb for all that lol but I'd love to be able to use it.

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    Whoa. I had no idea EPISODE III was so badly mistranslated. A really cool project!
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    Hi all,

    This is an old post but I suspect a lot of people stumble across it searching for Episode 3 stuff so I wanted to give an update on Episode 3 Plus, as we've seen people playing outdated versions recently and this is one of the highest ranking results on search engines.

    Unfortunately, the creator of this project (Eyce, now known as Gigobooma) unfortunately passed away on 19th January 2024, after losing a battle with cancer. As such, this project will no longer be updated by him on its "official channels". You can find a more detailed announcement from myself at the time here.

    However, the Episode 3 Plus project has been improved upon and had releases since 2.0, done by myself with help from fuzziqersoftware. Currently, this project is on V2.5, with the last release on 11th Feb 2024.

    The current home for the Episode 3 Plus project can be found here:

    Furthermore, there is now a private server at which supports Episode 3 fully, along with this Mod. Instructions on how to connect can be found on the website, and we hope to see you there if you still play Episode 3 to this day.

    We cannot thank Gigobooma enough for his dedication to Episode 3 and the progress he helped spearhead, plus this mod which improved the game for many others.

    I'm not sure if any moderator would want to edit the original post or anything so people can at least get more up to date versions.
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