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    are the rare items in a game soely determined by who creates the game? for example: me (a viridia) and my friend (a whittil) found a nar lilly in hard mode. now we decided that he should kill it because the guide sais that it will drop a photon claw for him. but to our surprise, it dropped a vjaya (which is what the guide says it drops for me). the thing is, i never even touched it, and i kno that because i didnt even get experience for it. so does the game creator determine what rares are dropped? if a skyly creates the game will all drops be respective to the skyly rare drop guide?

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    The game/room creator's ID will determine the items dropped.

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    does this hold true offline as well?

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    On 2003-04-26 17:54, excecutor wrote:
    does this hold true offline as well?
    In offline multiplayer, it's player A. Solo it's obviously your characters ID.

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