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Thread: New p2w stuff

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    Default New p2w stuff

    What are your thoughts on the upcoming p2w elements? also what are your predictions on the future of PSO2? do you think people will get tired of it sooner or later and start leaving slowly but surely? Or just don't mind at all and keep playing as they do now?

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    I am unclear as to what will be pay-to-win in upcoming content. Elaborate, please?

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    What Exactly is this pay2win Content you speak off

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    People here been confusing pay to win and pay to not wait so much.

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    How the Star Gems shop or scratch is pay-to-win? I mean, how being able to do an EQ outside of the schedule is pay-to-win? (i guess it's about that)

    Also, uploading some PSO2 musics on Youtube when i got enough time to do it, i might have what you're looking for :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyber Meteor View Post
    How the Star Gems shop or scratch is pay-to-win? I mean, how being able to do an EQ outside of the schedule is pay-to-win? (i guess it's about that)
    It is about that, eqs will cost approximately 300sg. This may not mean much now, but I see it as the beginning of something much worse. IMO

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    I don't see this as Pay to Win, it's more like Pay to do stuff sooner. Pay to Win faster, etc. But I doubt spending money is ever gonna give you an unfair advantage that can't be gained in a sensible manner through regular play.

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    It's called Bribing Your Way to Victory (as a TV Troper); it's not gated behind paying, it's simply using money to get there faster. In addition, the EQ Trigger prices are so unfeasibly high that the amount of money you have to spend is too pricey to be worth it, and even if you do get a Trigger, you're still at the mercy of the RNG in terms of getting 13s you want. You could buy a bunch of triggers, but then that becomes whaling, which you do if you literally have nothing else besides food and water that you spend money on.
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    Spending real money for EQ is Pay to Lose. Perfect gear serves nothing better than babysitting pug casuals.

    Let's just buy more wings instead.

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    Seeing as most valuable items you would get from an EQ can't be sold or traded, I definitely wouldn't call that pay-to-win (in fact, I would be hard-pressed to find anything that could qualify as p2w in an exclusively PvE game). This is definitely just something directed at "whales" who want to play content on their own time and are more than willing to casually spend; plus, I'm assuming it would necessitate coordinating with multiple people to get the most out of it.
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