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Thread: New p2w stuff

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    I admit that sometimes I come off as over defensive to PSO2 but this is because the overwhelming negativity towards the game becomes a drain to the point that I don't want to interact with the community anymore for the sake of my own mental health.

    Let's not forget just about every single thing regarding Episode 4 being wildly blown out of proportion before further information quelled those thoughts

    The plot? People thought it was literally "You were the video games all along" until people who could actually translate figured out that it was a little more complicated than that.

    When summoner was released? People thought Candies could permabreak on failed grind.

    Gathering? People decried the use of AC Pickaxes before people figured out how much the food boosts (Plus the drop rate for them is good enough that using AC on Pickaxes sounds hilariously not-worth-it)

    When Star Gems were announced? People thought Pet Feed cooldowns were being increased to make people need to use them more.

    I'd honestly bet money that triggers are going to work in such a way that the star gem price is not nearly the kind of detriment people think it'll be. But that's all complete speculation and thinking of the worst case scenario at all times is just plain unhealthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkemr4 View Post
    it was already p2w because of whales doing AC scratch
    Okay, can someone tell me what wales mean in this term?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [Ayumi] View Post
    Okay, can someone tell me what wales mean in this term?
    Something like people who blew out big sums of real money for paid content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [Ayumi] View Post
    Okay, can someone tell me what wales mean in this term?
    basically people who get addicted to online games and spends large amounts of cash.

    the game dev youtube series named Extra Credits has a few videos on the problems with f2p models
    older one but most relevent to this thread

    as far as things go for exploitive f2p practices, pso2 is particularly not that extremely exploitive.
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    im surprised people are defending this kind of garbage when the EQ pool is so dilluted with quests and some not even being able to show up randomly plus you can make a trigger MPA - 6 EQs worth of TD4? how long do you think it will take before you'd see them pop up normally? also don't hope you'll get to the amount of gems needed for even 1 trigger by just daily login since bingo was giving like what, 10 star gems?
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    Inc trade 1 Excube for 1 Gems....lel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenlade View Post
    remember when only premium players could buy 10★ weapons?
    That's still the case though, because you still require a 10* pass which can only be acquired if you're premium.

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    I'm gonna quote myself from a previous post I made on another topic here:

    It's more of a marketing scheme to get "all" people (not just new players) more focused on participating in EQs and grinding so that they see the limits/cool-downs and start buying into the AC/Star Gem craze to speed up the game even more. Ever wondered why the tutorial mission now drops a rare at the end? Or how about that 15,000 EXP Ticket you start with? The introduction of "NT" weapons? It's to give all people more incentive to jump straight into the EQ simulation than play and enjoy the rest of the game at their own pace. The latter doesn't make enough money for SEGA, and they noticed that with Episode 3 (which added a dearth of new content you could honestly enjoy freely).

    All F2P/B2P MMOs & Online RPGs do it nowadays. It's a simple-but-proven method that just works better for these game models. Most people never even take notice of the subliminal messaging in the woodwork, but I do guess you have to be pretty analytical to notice such trends in the first place.
    No side in this argument is right or wrong, as a result.

    Nothing has changed since the game's launch with how monetization is conducted. We have always had three options when it comes to newer forms of monetization and in-game money the developers add into it:

    1- You can acknowledge the fact that it is a money-making scheme and choose to simply ignore it all, continuing to enjoy the game at your own pace and not having it affect you. After all, you got other things to do with your time, like playing other games out there or personal stuff in life, right? Right.

    2- You don't feel like it affects the game much, but you do think it will improve the flow in the future for you (even if not right now) so you will still buy into it if ever the need arises. After all, it's a free successor to a game that used to charge you monthly to play it, after you had already purchased it in full (PSOBB). Back then, people scoffed at that idea, too; they still do now, as a matter of fact. "You mean I have to pay each month to play a game I've already bought?!"

    3- You might also just consider just quitting the game or going on hiatus until things work out. Believe it or not, SEGA does know when players who used to be very active on the scene suddenly stop playing the game (i.e. daily/weekly/monthly/yearly average user statistics, how long each person plays the game in a session, etc.), and it does send them red flags that they have to act on, too, when things aren't looking good. Remember: At the end of the day, consumers talk with where they spend their money and time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keilyn View Post
    Where as...refusal to pay means...
    You get to play Twice to Three times longer to keep up to everyone else who does pay...and if you want to WIN against those dirty AC/Premium Set users.....You will have to sacrifice a lot to the point you will not be able to play many other games, be forced to MARRY one game...and even be forced to choose between advancing in life or using your freetime to advance in a game...just so you can be proud of yourself.
    It's nowhere near that bad. Winning against premium players isn't very hard at all. Most free players who know what they're doing and how to contribute to EQs have probably done so already without noticing it, especially against premium players who just pay for costumes and don't DPS-affix their gear.

    Of course, this applies if you consider 'winning' to be rankings in TD or DPS measurements. That's the only thing close to actual competition that this game has.

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    I am kind of curious as to one major thing about the EQ trigers...

    A party can only have 4 people, I cant think of an EQ that would be posible with 4 avrage people....

    Ummmm, how exactly will the triggers allow for 12 people to work?

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