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    Default Article: More PSO2 Details Translated from Sega Teaser Video

    Resident translator Espiokaos has been kind enough to post a lengthy list of new Phantasy Star Online 2 details, taken from last night's TGS teaser video. While some of the details were obscured in translation, there are some very interesting bits that should keep the speculations and discussions going strong until we get some more concrete details about this long-awaited sequel. Here is the list of translated details (some of the more interesting or significant changes are in bold):

    [*]"Action" and "RPG" re-connected
    [*]Increased variety of client orders
    [*]Map functions changing in real time
    [*]User-created story
    [*]New interface for environmental interactions
    [*]Global support
    [*]Thorough racial balances
    [*]Full user participation events
    [*]Seasonal changes
    [*]New chat system
    [*]New mail functions
    [*]Drastic item synthesis overhaul
    [*]Even wider variety of ways to raise your character
    [*]New direction of event scenes
    [*]Approach from NPCs (possibly a new approach to NPCs?)
    [*]Silhouette changes by add-ons (obscured)
    [*]New photon arts (obscured)
    [*]Community supported content (obscured)
    [*]Additional character customization
    [*]Category-based weapon training system (obscured)
    [*]Implementation of asynchronous communication
    [*]New party system
    [*]Improved enemy AI / cooperation
    [*]Limitless content
    [*]New approach to the game client
    [*]Implementation of a new "life work" (obscured)
    [*]Daily surprises
    [*]"Trump card" system
    [*]Mutual interaction functionality for new and veteran users

    There were also a number of words and phrases used in the trailer which may give some insight about PSO2's story and setting: "Awakening", "Sealed stone monument", "Pure Dark Falz" (obscured), "Apostles of _____" (obscured), "Camp ship", "Arkz", "Why is darkness born?", "Why is the Great Light no longer here?", and "A world in ruin." Talk about one heck of puzzle to put together! The full, original list can be found here.

    Feel free to post your predictions or interpretations in our comments section or Phantasy Star Online forum! Thanks again to Espiokaos and Shougai PSO for putting together this great information!

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    Default FINALLY

    Ive been a long time veteran of phantasy star online and this is just amazing news

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    Default I was skeptical at first

    I was skeptical at first with it being called "PSO2" but now I've just came rainbows.

    AYY. All you nillas days is numbered.

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    Default Me too, double rainbows!

    Me too, double rainbows!

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    Default "thorough racial balances",

    "thorough racial balances", Hah.

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    Default I hope that global support

    I hope that global support means a farewell to segregated servers. I can't tell you how much I miss being able to play with anyone in the world, the Japanese players were some of the best I ever played with.
    I guess... It wasn't enough... Hee hee hee... Perhaps I was overthinking things... Awww... After thinking about all that... I'm starved! Let's head home.

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    Default Arkz! If we're finally

    Arkz! If we're finally getting some pso ep 3 references that would be fantastic, the characters from that game were quite memorable to me.

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    Default brawwww sobs I had given up

    brawwww sobs I had given up hope
    You need good D...!? Well so do I!
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    Default This is very interesting. I

    This is very interesting. I can see PSO General is gonna be very active again. I look foreward to seeing more about this.

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    Default "User-created story"? I'd

    "User-created story"? I'd love to know more about that.
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