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    Default Article: PSO2 Western Release Delayed - Officially Confirmed by SEGA

    The Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2, previously announced in July of last year, has been confirmed by SEGA to be officially delayed. Originally slated for an "early 2013" release in North America, PSO2 failed to make an appearance at this year's event at PAX East and there have been no official updates on its release until now.

    "We don't have any specifics, but will update everyone as soon as there are more details to share," said a SEGA representative when asked about the delay.

    The Japanese release of PSO2 continues to perform well, with the game recently launching on the Playstation Vita platform. As of February, there had reportedly been over 1.7 million player IDs registered for the service.

    We will attempt to get further information on this delay and will post more details as they become available. In the meantime, be sure to check the PSO2 forums for the latest buzz and discussions surrounding Phantasy Star Online 2!

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    Default At least they finally

    At least they finally announced that it will indeed see a NA release.....eventually. Oh, and before someone starts the "It will be a year behind so it won't be worth it" nonsense, try to apply that psychic talent toward something actually useful.

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    Default Not surprising. Sadly I can

    Not surprising. Sadly I can see this game bombing in NA. Unfortunately I don't think PSO2 is good, some of the new features are neat but I don't like the PSU elements.

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    Default Sadly, being delayed means

    Sadly, being delayed means that 99.9% of the time they are just lying to us to make us get our hopes up. There will be no US release. And it's will be interesting to see if/when I'm right.
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    Default Hope they're delaying it to

    Hope they're delaying it to add voice acting.
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    Default The game isn't even started

    The game isn't even started yet, and it already got delayed.. What about NA 's regular update delay that was so hot in PSU era then?
    Although, it is already about to jump out of the early 2013 zone, then they just tell us that it get delayed now? <,<

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    Default Well, my friends and I put

    Well, my friends and I put it in a good humorous way. "If you wont come to the west, the west will come to you." currently have 13 of my friends playing the Japan servers and if they choose to actually separate the servers and trickle content (Like PSU) I will remain on the Japan servers.

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    Default "Times is tough." They've

    "Times is tough."
    They've cured HIV before the beta of this game could be released in the west. True story.

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    Default Of course

    Pretty sure they are just bullshitting and there probably won't be a US release it wouldn't surprise me that or it's another year plus away. Look at PSP2i.
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    Default More whom complain. Huzzah.

    More whom complain. Huzzah. But this game with psu elements...this is beyond that (or at least just turned into another rpg game that allows jumping) and more. I'm still surprise this is still on-going. I could care less on what they decide. Hackers are still the problem at hand. Heheh.

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