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    Default Time to have this reviewed again: Time to end the private server ban.

    Since the website has gone through a facelift, that means the site's owner might be around now to review this. Previously, the mods summarily decided not to listen.

    Let's have the site owner weigh in on this. I was told he would review / contact me about this but it never happened. The old thread was locked because those who supported the removal of the ban gave extremely valid points, while those who enforce the ban countered with nothing except, "Our site, our rules."

    There's still great stuff happening on PSO1, and PSOW refuses to acknowledge that these people exist. This is wrong, and it's time for that to end. The love of the game is more important than the pride of moderators.

    Here is the original post:


    It's beyond time to end the private server ban.

    I agreed with the ban when there were still official servers. Every person that unsubscribed for a free private server hastened the end of PSO.

    Now there are no official servers left the ban serves no purpose and many other PSO websites have changed their policies to reflect this.


    Come on, PSOW. It's time to get out of the stone age.

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    I don't think it's because of personal bias but more of a legal standing, they don't want to support a private server that isn't owned by sega. I heard rumors that SEGA did give them to code to continue PSO but I do not have any source to confirm this. But again it's up to Tomeeboy and the other mods to decide if they want to lift the ban or not. Did you try pming them about the issue, that could be a better way than posting on the forum since they would see your message?

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    Totally agreed, it's a really archaic ruleset and I think a lot of people that are more casual fans probably think there are no multiplayer outlets remaining for PSO. Personally, I'm indifferent one way or another as there's other communities that exist. However, it seems unfitting to have the subtitle of the "World's Largest Phantasy Star Community" whilst simultaneously feigning ignorance to the multitude of options out there for the origins of the online parts of the franchise.

    Putting that all aside, it doesn't even seem to have its intended effect. When people are inclined to ask, they have to take 1-2 tedious and necessary steps to learn more. It feels like some kind of cult for fuck's sake, as if speaking the name is like saying "Voldemort" around here. It looks ridiculous to visit what's basically the online Phantasy Star community's "home page" and see posts like, "Oh yeah, I play on server-that-shall-not-be-named (Google is your friend!) C'mon.

    Conclusively, I'm sure it is some kind of legal reasoning (as I'm assuming it always was), I just don't see how this is A.) Harming SEGA or B.) Benefiting PSO-W in any way to keep hush-hush for this 16 year old game (which might even indirectly cause interest for people to purchase the mobile titles or invest in PSO2!)
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