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    Default Proxy Server Shutdown

    Hey Everyone,

    Cyberkitsune here. In past month we have had alot of issues with GG and Sega preventing us from being able connect. The last time we ended up having to buy a whole new server/IP just to bypass GG. They are getting smarter and it's unfortunately costing us alot of money. While we have received donations in the past, the amount of them has become far and few between.

    It is with a heavy heart that I must say that proxy will be shut down. At the end of the month(provided GG doesn't block the current IP), the server will be no more. Work on tweaker and other operations will continue, so do not worry about that.

    If you have any questions you can contact myself, Variant, Alam, Adia, or any one of the staff at our IRC on #pso2proxygchat, #pso2, or #pso2proxypublic.

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    Weird, I didn't know I had three accounts on this forum!

    I also didn't know that my 3rd alter ego was shutting down the proxy, that's news to me!

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    The second one told me to do it

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    CK's ego is sooo big that it split off into 3 parts. Number 2 seems to be missing though ; ;

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    <~CyberKitsune> you're just all on a fake not real proxy

    ohhhhhhh CK1 reveals the truth in irc

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    lol who cares
    PLACEHOLDER SIGNATURE - music included ♪

    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    NOTICE: There's some spam going on. Day 16, whymsical is still a wangis.

    aww thats cute, you think I'm whymsical

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    Oh no! What am i going to do, this was my whole entire life, and now it's going to be gone. :C Guess i'll just go and troll other proxies. \_(ツ)_/

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