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    I find it hilarious that people are getting so angry that they can't stroke their e-peens anymore from getting to read large numbers. Its like people get off on that or something. OH WELL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squall179 View Post
    I find it hilarious that people are getting so angry that they can't stroke their e-peens anymore from getting to read large numbers. Its like people get off on that or something. OH WELL.
    no one needed parser for that. just go look at 9999999 on visiphone. you are willingly ignoring the positive impact it had for many people which is a textbook example of ignorance.

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    I voiced my concerns initially for the potential toxic atmosphere a DPS parser could create. For PSO2's community however, it felt like it barely made any impact on it though so for my 2 cents I don't really get why they went after this with such gusto.

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    PSO2 is a game:
    - designed to run on old computers, but framerate constantly dips even on modern rigs;
    - with focus on socialization, but block system doesn't allow you to unite with your friends for EQs;
    - that tries to be friendly to casual players, but constantly adds new confusing systems that casuals don't want to bother with;
    - (and now) that forces you to cooperate with random people, but shames you for wanting better cooperation.

    Sure, elitism is an issue, but this isn't how you get rid of it. Wanting to improve, wanting others to cooperate and expecting rewards for your efforts is not elitism, this is common fucking sense.

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    Sega need add ranking system like in MBD to all EQ,AQ,LQ
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    Today, I released a new version of OverParse that should hopefully warn as many players as possible about the situation. For now, OverParse will be in a development freeze, only updated for bugfixes. If you continue to use it, you do so at your own risk (like always).

    I wrote some stuff about the situation on the GitHub release page, if anyone's interested in my sparse impressions of the situation. I won't repost it here because it's kind of a wall.
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    How am I supposed to see if I'm topping DPS with my HuFo Vol Graptor Ilbarta Combos? DansGame

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    true overparser can help you maximize your dmg. I used to be on top place for PD everytime since barantsion and ilbarta and equips are good. With the new PD i was kinda shocked seeing myself be 4th place or so. I didnt read up anything about the changes like that ilbarta is now nerfed and so i just went into it like i usually do and it sucked ofc. After the EQ i went through the log and checked on wth is going on and adjusted accordingly. After giving it some thoughts about the changes i was first again the second time i played it. And for the third run im going to experiment with something different now and dropping ice skill tree entirely and switching to fire for fomelgion and using nemesis talis which is fire to rafoie the last bits of double when it wont stop moving anymore. idk, ill have to see how that works out and the log from overparser will help me for that.
    About sega, they probably dont want additional unwanted/unnecessary competition and no third party tools like this, so they ban it. Personally as much as i like this im gonna respect that and wont use it anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    Hey all - We've made the decision to remove the PSO2 Damage Dump plugin from the Tweaker's plugin auto-download code. We need to play it safe here, because people's accounts are at risk, and that's not cool.

    The new version of the Tweaker will delete the plugin one time only to make sure people who aren't aware are safe.

    If you'd like to use the plugin, you do so at your own risk. It's available here:

    Just drop it in your pso2_bin/plugins/ folder and it'll work just like before, and the Tweaker will not remove it a second time.

    EDIT: New Tweaker is live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misaki Ki View Post
    The main issue is that the game tends to focus on 12 player EQs and LQs, where an individual's performance affects everyone else. (I wish we had 4 player EQs.) It doesn't also help that a properly set up character is multiples stronger than an improper one. It's pretty selfish going in with weaker weapons, class combinations, skill trees, playstyles, and expecting everyone else to pick up the slack. (Obviously, not everyone can be at peak condition 100% of the time, and people need to level - but some don't even try for anything that'll help.)

    I don't believe the thought process here is an elitist one. Most people are happy to teach, help, and explain the systems - but typically the effort/help isn't wanted by a lot of people going in like that.

    The bigger question here is what right to privacy do others have, especially if everyone affects one another. Should everything be open to each other, or should some things remain private to avoid toxic behavior - that sort of thing.
    Most people are not willing to teach, help, or explain the system... which is why people complained and there are newb videos about how to play, as well as videos on how to play Tower Defense IV which are official. When people begin to speak about the right to privacy, I wonder if people have become so absorbed in a game that they are willing to speak about civil rights and liberties within the context of a game over actually speaking out to the level of tyranny and oppression that exists in the real world.

    The MPAs are so easy that if there is something that the parser taught anyone is that one really only needs one good Damage Dealer to carry everyone else in those level 75 LQs. Also, most BOSS MPAs is usually around 2 - 3 people dealing most of the damage to the boss. In short... As long as PSO-2 is a casual based game... there will always be casual-elites ready to carry everyone else.
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