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    Default Let's Play Phantasy Star 4

    Sorry Brightstar. I couldn't wait for yours.

    Of all the classic Phantasy Stars, I find this one the most playable. In fact, while the others are filled with simplistic gameplay, shallow strategies, and grinding, this one's one of my favorite RPGs. One of my top five. It's filled with detail and polish, great visuals and music which play to the Genesis' strengths, and a deep combat system which surprises me every time I play it. Best of all, it manages to cram the plot of every Phantasy Star before it (and since) into one enjoyably short game.

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    Just got through the first episode. No worries, I'm probably at least a year or more away from doing that one since though I'm jumping around for the PS retrospective I'm still going to go in sub-series order for the most part since most games within each story line builds upon each other.

    Actually the game wasn't called Phantasy Star 4 because the number 4 written in japanese sometimes looks like 死 or translated as "death."

    Funny thing about Alys/Ryre, during the development of End of the Millennium there were supposed to be two games, one on the genesis, the other on the sega cd. (it's where this photo comes from although there's conflicting data from what I've researched so far if they were two seperate games or one was just a port of the other) and was going feature Alis returning from Copto at one point.

    You can technically leave the first town before completing the basement. Also nice Zero Wing reference

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