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    Default [SOLVED]Unable to play through either vanilla PSO2 or Tweaker

    Whenever i try to log in via vanilla PSO2 i can open the game, get to ship selection, and the login screen. However, every time i attempt to log in, i get either error #602 or #603. also about 5 minutes later, the game shuts down due to something along the lines of Error #1013

    Launching it from the tweaker, I'm unable to download the english language patch (fails midway every time), though i was easily able to download the others. When i try to launch PSO2 from the tweaker, i simply get a message about "pso2.exe not being found".

    Here's the tweaker log:
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    Error 602 - SEGA IDまたはパスワードをご確認の上、

    Please check your SEGA ID and password, and reconnect.

    The username you typed does not exist. Make sure it's correct, and that it is in all lowercase, otherwise it will not work.

    ie: PSOWorldJunkie -> psoworldjunkie

    Error 603 - SEGA IDまたはパスワードをご確認の上、

    Please check your SEGA ID and password, and reconnect.

    Try your password again! If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it here:
    Error 1013

    - Do not use "Downloads" as your game/tweaker folder (and do not put the Tweaker in the same folder as PSO2).

    - Run Tweaker/PSO2 as Admin.

    - Try what the Logs tells you "Could not find pso2.exe - This can usually be solved by going to Troubleshooting -> Fix PSO2 EXEs [FAILED!]"

    - For the English Patch download, just check if your Firewall/Antivirus aren't blocking the URLs (or disable them before downloading, you can pretty much reactivate them after the download finished).

    Then again, not being rude but try to use the search on the forum as your issues are pretty common (and by pretty common I mean, 90% of the issues posted on this forum). Or try looking here.
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    I figured out the issue, thanks to your information. Thank you!
    Also, evidently, if your computer is running windows 8 or beyond, PSO2 Tweaker won't work if it's in the 'Downloads' folder.

    The only issue now is that items are not translated, so i'll look around on the forums for that~

    If anyone could post tips on how to solve that, that would be great~
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