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    Default Ephinea Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst server

    Well, according to Ryna's post here and the official forum rules, it is now OK to talk about private servers on PSO World. (About time!)

    Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who doesn't already know, there is another alternate Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst server. It's name is Ephinea and I am one of the administrators on there. (I go by the name of Sodaboy there.)

    The official home page for Ephinea can be located at:

    It is a server that is welcoming of both new and old players.

    We set ourselves apart through various ways, some of which you can read here: (Though that page needs some slight updating...)

    We are currently in the middle of our Summer/Anniversary event and it is a perfect time for players to get involved with the server. You can read more about the event here: and milestones we're trying to reach here:

    So yeah, you're all welcome there and if you have any questions related to the server and getting set up, it's probably best to ask in the forums located over at

    That's pretty much all I wanted to say. Take care and have a good day or night. (Depending on your time zone. )
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    Already playing on this server for the past month or so, been having a good time so far on it. I particularly enjoy the PSO2 style item drop option.

    I have a HUnewearl named Karen on this server, if anyone else is playing. Haven't leveled too much yet though.

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    0/10, worst server.

    (I may or may not be Matt)

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    I've really been enjoying Ephinea in the spare time I get for it, and I'm so glad we can finally talk about private servers here.
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    Ephinea is awesome sauce thats powered by magical ponies

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    I've not been on Ephinea, but I've been using your downloadable server for years, now. I'm a big fan. Still eagerly awaiting the implementation of C-mode, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HUnewearl_Meira View Post
    I've not been on Ephinea, but I've been using your downloadable server for years, now. I'm a big fan. Still eagerly awaiting the implementation of C-mode, though.
    According to their FAQ, Challenge mode is in, but I haven't tried it out myself yet.
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    Just started playing on this server earlier this week. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to start or get back into PSOBB. I never got a chance to play BB on the original servers so getting another chance is awesome. The QoL alterations made make the game so much better. I can finally have my characters with the name and Section ID combinations I want without having to use variations or spaces to make it happen. I've always wanted to play PSOBB in Japanese too

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    Challenge is on Ephinea, but it's not part of the Tethealla server software just yet. The next release will contain it whenever Sodaboy feels like releasing it.

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    Ephinea is the best sever I've ever played on, and I've been playing on private servers since 2005.

    I have been very vocal about PSOW's private server policies, so I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for their choice to revisit this rule.

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