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    Default Game keeps rebooting my PC by itself

    RESOLVED: it was a power supply problem. Note to self, don't use a raidmax 500W they aren't good after doing research on them.

    Long story short, I purchased a Zotac GTX 1060 3GB graphics card so i could experience the Tier 6 graphics. However, after replacing my old power supply with a new one my dad had lying around (500W) and installing the GTX 1060, whenever I try to play PSO2 with Tier 6 on, I can only make it to the lobby, then out of no where, BAM: My TV monitor cuts to blue with the "No Signal" message and my PC reboots itself. Call it a crash if that's the definition. First off, my specs:

    Windows 10 Home 64 bit
    Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70 GHz 2.71 GHz
    Installed RAM: 12 GB
    Graphics Card: Zotac GTX 1060 3GB (Was an Intel (R) Graphics HD before)

    Now, for the list of steps I have attempted and was recommended yet did not work:

    1.) Update my driver (it's up to date according to Windows and the Geforce website just brought me to the Geforce Experience download along with everything else needed for the graphics card)

    2.) Manually install NVIDIA Driver along with a clean installation unlike the website the GTX 1060 manual said to go to. However, both installations were nearly identical.

    3.) Remove anything related to the Intel (R) Graphics HD. Didn't find anything at first but went into the Control Panel and uninstalled the Intel Graphic Driver in the "Uninstall or Change Program" menu.

    4.) Going into the NVIDIA Control Panel and messing with the "Manage 3D Settings" yet in the Global Setting tab, it did not offer another option to switch cards. It's as if my PC only has the GTX 1060 graphics card installed (which it does.)

    5.) Uninstall the Physx Software System which I read could cause crashes, yet no luck (no surprise since I haven't heard any stories relating to the Physx Software System an PSO2 being a problem.)

    6.) Test out the different Tier settings from PSO2. Tier 6 I wasn't able to make it to the lobby after logging in (somehow I am now and was able to go to the campship, yet when i spawned in the Tokyo free field, it crashed. Switching to a block crashed it at one point.) Tier 5 I was able to move around a little but switching blocks causes the crashing too. Tier 4 I was standing still yet chatting with my teammates for 10-15 mins and nothing went wrong, but I haven't gone the full mile by actually going into a quest, switching blocks, etc yet.

    7.) Changing my PSO2 resolution to match my actual display resolution.

    I'm afraid that it's my CPU and RAM that can't handle the GTX 1060, but I was told that my CPU and RAM are not the main culprits. I'm more skeptical that it's the power supply I put in that maybe it's a faulty one and doesn't like my PC? I'd also like to mention that before I had purchased the GTX 1060, a while back I was testing out tier 6 on my old Intel Graphics HD card and old power supply and it didn't crash my PC or anything (It ran like absolute garbage though yes but it was completely fine.) The PSO2 Tier 6 Benchmark Test does the same thing to my PC, but instead, it won't even get to the title screen. I'm pulling my hair out of my head to see what the hell is causing this and how I go about fixing it. Any idea guys? Sorry for the long post I just want this crap resolved
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