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    Post Magatama : a Modern Mag Planner/Calculator

    Hi i would like to present to all of you "Magatama : a Modern Mag Planner"

    To be honest it would not exist without Mag Farm Version 0.9.7r2 by James Baxter

    Why did i start working on it well i had some personal issue with Mag Farm.

    1. I had problem with the drop-down list not showing their content, it has since resolved itself
    2. The user interface is in my opinion somewhat outdated and clunky.
    3. Can't Update the Feeding Chart.
    4. No Description for the Photon Blast
    5. Lack of the Blue Burst Mag Cells.
    6. Can't save the current Session for later use, only Export History.

    [ Current Features ]

    • Full Drop-Down list and pictures for all Mags.
    • No "Please choose a character class." and/or "Please choose a section ID" if none are selected a Bluefull HUmar will be assumed as the current selection, can be changed in the settings.
    • Saving the Current Data
    • Importing Previous Data
    • Export the content of Output
    • Easy to know how many of each items have been feed to the mag, and also how many have been feed since the Mag evolved.
    • Can edit on the fly you Mag Stats, no more second screen and restarting anew.
    • Can undo or redo the last Feed items. Work with Mass Feed.
    • Can toggle ON/OFF the racial restriction on some Mag Cell, available in the setting.
    • Photon Blast Description when hovering over the Photon Blast icon.
    • The Photon Blast 03 list will only show valid option.
    • The Progress Bar use the same color as in-game.
    • Can Customise the Photon Blast Text and the various picture by modifying the appropriate file
    • Clicking the Pictures will put focus on the corresponding drop-down list, always for the Section ID and the Class but only when editing Stats for the Mag and Photon Blasts
    • Activation Trigger and Activation Percentage display.
    • Ability to Mass Feed one Item by changing it Quantity from 0 to the desired value, if you press the button and the value is 0 the program will assume it is equal to 1
    • Mass Feed of Various item if the value is 0 it will not feed this item but all other that are higher or equal to 1 will be feed to the Mag.
    • History of the Number of each item feed and the same number is written next to it in the output.
    • In the Settings you can Change the Cost of each item, the mag initial Synchro, the time between feeding ( in Seconds ) and as previously said the Initial Class and Section ID.
    • An External Editor to preview or change a Mag Data and also the Feeding Tables. The Mag Feeding Table is determined by the last load table.
    • Can customise most of the text and for some their colour by editing Theme.xml
    • Support for version 1 &2 ( Episode 1)
    • Can change the Default Stats of the initial Mag
    • Color Syntax in the output

    [ Download Link ]

    [ Keyboard Shortcut ]

    - Magatama

    • Press [ CTRL+ N ] to Start a New Mag.
    • Press [ CTRL+ O ] to Open a Previous Mag save data.
    • Press [ CTRL+ S ] to Save your current Edit
    • Press [ CTRL + S ] to Save As...your current Edit as a new files
    • Press [ CTRL+ E ] to only export the Output
    • Press [ ALT + F4 ] to Exit the Program
    • Press [ CTRL+ Z] to undo the last feed item
    • Press [ CTRL+ Y] to redo the last feed item
    • Press [ CTRL+ R] to reset all the quantity column to zero.
    • Press [F1] for the About Magatama... Screen
    • Press [F2] to Edit the Mag Stats and the History. It unlock them no second interface.
    • Press [F3] to Edit the Settings

    - Magatama Editor

    • Press [ Ctrl + S ] to save the current Mag Data
    • Press [ CTRL + SHIFT + S ] to save the current Feeding Table
    • Press [ ALT + F4 ] to Exit the Program

    If you have any suggestion or issue , i would be happy to hear about them.

    For more Screenshot Look in the Magatama Album on

    Source Code available on GitHub :
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    Default Changelog

    For Updated Changelog please visit as this post will no longer be updated on PSO World

    [FIXED in Beta 3] - Beta 2 - Stage 3 Evolution don't seem to work.
    [FIXED in Beta 5]- Beta 4 - Stage 3 evolution don't learn PhotonBlast ( Spuz )
    [FIXED in Beta 5]- Beta 4 - Stage 3 Wrong Evolution Ranger Tybe B 50 Dex>= Pow > Mind( Spuz )
    [FIXED in Beta 5]- Beta 4 - Hearts of Devil not working Correctly ( Spuz )
    [FIXED in Beta 7]- Beta 6 - Stage 2 evolution stalemate condition overwrite the default choice.
    [FIXED in Beta 7]- Beta 6 - Mag Cell Pioneer Parts caused the program to crash, cause missing s in Pioneer Parts, ( Henonk )
    [FIXED in Beta 8]- Beta 7 - Mag Tier 4 evolve into other form.( flatmen)

    [ CHANGE LOG ]

    - Beta 8
    [ Features ]

    • Can set mag default stats
    • Can load a Blank Mag from the menu
    • Formatting of the Output with color and fonts.
    • Added a Version Check on load of save file
    • Added Feedcharts for PSO Version 1 or 2 ( Ep1 )
    • MagDex have the option to load Ep1 or Ep2 Feedcharts


    • Output Export as been modified to be in Rich Text File format.
    • Upgraded the PhotonBlast to use xml to populate list
    • Redesigned the Settings Interface to use tabs.
    • Change the file structure to use number rather than text, easier to translate and easier to fix typographical error.
    • Fixed some typographical error.
    • Added Episode to Mag data files.
    • MagDex now start at the feeding chart.
    • Optimized the Feeding Code.
    • Fixed and error with Mag Tier 4 Evolving

    - Beta 7
    [ Features]

    • Added a message in the output when the mag gain a level.
    • The list are now populated from the data contained in a files.
    • Added Different Version for How to populate the list, Ep1 ( Version 1 ), Ep2 ( Ep I & II ) and Ep4 ( Blue Burst )
    • Changed the Interface of Magatama Editor and renamed it to MagDex.

    [ Fixes ]

    • Fixed a typo in spelling the first force mag evolution wrote Vitra rather than Vritra
    • Fixed the output log item count not being updated until the Mass Feed was completed.
    • Change the Stage 2 evolution as the ways the stalemate was coded, caused a Vritra to always evolve into a Namuci. Same for the other with their respective condition.
    • Fixes Stage 3 evolution not evolving when Class changed.
    • Pioneer Parts causing an errors when used, caused by a missing s in Pioneer Parts. error found by ( Henonk )

    - Beta 6
    [ Features ]

    • Added a Redo and Undo Function to undo or redo the last feed item. ( Work with mass feed )
    • Added a Total Cost column for each item
    • Added the Mag Elenor and it Mag Cell Heart of YN-1107
    • Added Message for when the mag doesn't fulfil the requirement to use a Mag Cell.
    • Added Conditions to show Errors Message for when certain Mag Cells are tried to be used on a Stage 4 Mag.
    • Added in the Settings the ability to toggle on and off the Mag Racial Restrictions
    • Can Change most of the text in Magatama and the tooltips text and the color of the text that is over the background by editing Theme.xml
    • The Output now display next to the item the number of said item used since evolution rather than the total
    • The Output now display the number of cycle since last evolution rather than the number of cycle.
    • Can now reset the Quantity numeric up down to zero by pressing [ Ctrl + R ]
    • Toottips over DEF,POW,DEX,MIND, the element of the Quantity column, the Mass Feed button and the Feed button next to the list of Mag Cells.

    [ Fixes ]

    • Added Skyly to the list of Section ID as i had forgotten to include it.
    • Changed the formula to calculate the showed Cost in Meseta
    • Changed the Title of the Windows contains the Stage and name of the Mag.
    • Change the Feeding Cycle Count value to be set to 0, rather than the previous 1.
    • Changed the evolution check to use the current level as the first check and then the mag stage when necessary.
    • Added Stalemate conditions to stage 2, evolution
    • Redid Stage 3 evolution check.
    • Changed Stage 4 evolution to only check the stats requirement depending on the Section ID Group, when they were separated a level 100 Mag with 25 in all stats would only evolve for a Greenill, Oran or Purplenum.
    • added the forgotten level Conditions to the Liberta Kit mag cell

    - Beta 5
    [ Features ]

    • Added a Conditions that when you start it wont show evolved into a Mag
    • Added a default filename for the saved profile and the exported output. It follow the nomenclature Class_SectionID_Stage_Mag for a save and add _Output at the end for when Exporting the Output.

    [ Fixes ]

    • Fixed thats when you saved a Mag the output would print the last content of a variable. CAUSE : the variable was a remnant of old code before i optimized the save feature.
    • Fixed Angels Wings and Devil's Wings not working. CAUSE : I had forgotten to put the s in Wings
    • Fixed the Third Stage Evolution not learning their Photon Blast. CAUSE : The dynamic removal of the Photon Blast from the First and Second caused the third one to have no selection.
    • Fixed a Typo in Settings that caused a RAmar set as default to not work. CAUSE : i had written RAMar.
    • Fixed Stage 3 Evolution for Ranger. CAUSE : I had written the wrong Mag name.

    - Beta 4
    [ Features ]

    • Added all Mag Cells Evolution

    - Beta 3
    [ Bug Fixes ]

    • Fixed the Third Stage Evolution not Happening. CAUSE : the conditions to make sure a Fourth Stage Mag would not devolve into a Third Stage one was set incorrectly in that it required the mag to be in it Fourth Stage to evolve into it third stage form.

    -Beta 2

    • Initial Public Release on
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