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    Default Been browsing these forums recently & decided to finally register!

    I'm pretty sure I found these forums WAAYYY back in the day, like 2010 or so. Forums really aren't my thing, I think I'm a member of two other forums... but anyways! I wanted to join because of my resurfaced fascination of the PSO series!

    .... it actually hasn't resurfaced... but I did get a KORG TR-Rack for my birthday last month & I've been trying to find as much factory presets Hideaki Kobayashi used when composing the first PSO.
    Now I'm nonstop looking at finding prototype/alpha/beta material for these games, I think I've found pretty much a majority of it.
    ALSO, western release hopes and dreams are still going strong, just today I found out that SEGA is moderating the official English PSO2 Facebook page comments & I check that page about four times a year, I hope this is good news.

    So now I realize the love for the series is just stronger currently, hehe! I hope I can provide good support in the forum, it's so nice to join you all!

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