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    Thank you very much for the trigger, I had to leave for an unforeseen event that I had and I am sorry for that

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    you should've mentioned it was in b41 and NOT B40
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkemr4 View Post
    im here in the cafe
    we moved to block 41

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    Thanks all for the runs took forever but we got them all done.
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    Sorry for the confusion regarding Block 40 and Block 41.
    The original plan was to hold it on Block 40, but it somehow got filled to the brim, so we had to relocate to Block 41.
    We managed to do all four of them properly, thankfully, despite some of the messiness.

    I've had a total blast. Thank you all for the wonderful times. I'm glad my Necky triggers didn't go to waste.
    Le Temps Detruit Tout
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    I am literally not dealing with this.

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